Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Roundup

So far today there is nothing new to share...

It's later, and still nothing of interest, and TBV is going on another ride, doing Diablo two days in a row. Cold at the top yesterday, and there was frost on the ground today, so I'm happy I got to Performance for the 20% off sale for a balaclava, neoprene gloves and booties -- which continues tomorrow 7-9am if you have a store near you. 2-for-1 on accelerade goo stuff if you like it.

Dugard says it's time to get on with the Landis case, talks of possible ramifications for USADA and mentions "The Big Lebowski", one of the greatest movies ever made. Fun quote:

There are rumblings of a Congressional investigation into USADA. All of this is getting more and more political, and no one wants to make a wrong move, so USADA is dragging out the investigation to save face.

Snark O' the Day
Bradley's blog lists recalls including Floyd Landis chewable children's vitamins.



Anonymous said...

As has been discussed here and at DPF recently, Floyd's life has been completely derailed. Now it's war (as he put it). If he can prove that LLND screwed up, can he sue for libel? If Floyd wins his case, could he sue Dick Pound and other people? Pound is beginning to seem like O.J. Maybe Floyd and Amber are the Goldmans in this case. When people in the UCI, WADA, and LLND, discarded protocol, and broke the story the way they did, they violated their own rules. A lot of the bad press Floyd got was because he was unprepared to deal with the media. All of this COULD have been handled differently. LLND, UCI, WADA could have followed protocol. Lance has sued more than one newspaper for libel. Maybe Floyd could sue the LLND or UCI or Dick Pound, in civil court.

Anonymous said...

Outside Magazine's December 2006 issue includes a commentary by one of their editors, vowing with disgust that he will no longer be a fan of pro cycling. Some discussion of FL included.

marc said...

I'm with strbuk on the Big Lebowski. And if FL is also into that movie, it's just a further proof of his good character.


Thinnmann said...

This is a little off topic, but it is amusing...

He's an aging athlete whose income-producing ability has been usurped by Lance Armstrong,

That is what timber baron Tim Blixseth called Greg LeMond in this article.

Whareagle said...

This is interesting... I fell in love with MTB'ing out on the Plum Creek land mentioned in that article, and that whole area has been swindled and re-swindled from and for people for almost 50 years (Chet Huntley's son allegedly lost the resort in a high stakes Poker Game at the 5th Ace one night, according to local lore).
Blixseth is familiar, but I still have a friend who works trails and ski patrol at the four resorts. I'll try to get his info on the situation.
LeMond's investing infamy is, well, infamous. I think he's relied on his in-laws more than once, and it might have been the in-laws who ran LeMond bikes when it was independent. Can't remember.

Thanks for the article. Love him or hate him, LA does have a formidable marketing team.