Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Roundup

The Arizona Daily Star notes that Landis was well received at yesterday's cycling event in Tucson...

"It was amazing," said DeBernardis, whose voice cracked and eyes watered as he talked about Landis' appearance. "When I introduced Floyd, everyone applauded and wouldn't stop applauding. It was a good showing that all of us cyclists in America are behind him."

The Scotsman thinks he has reason to believe the hacker is from Wisconsin...

Snark O' the Day
It's been done elsewhere, but not as clean an example: The Bradenton Herald uses Landis in a list of books similar to OJ's, "If I Did..."

Becky has Floyd take a message at el Tour.
Rick Leon writes of el Tour.

James McTyre gives a sermon (literally) about gossiping, invoking Hee-Haw and Landis. Well done.

There's a lot of tension over at DPF. A number of high-caliber participants have announced departures over what they see as polarization, lack of honesty, and nasty tone. Floyd came by briefly last night, noticed the change, and hoped it wasn't his fault. It probably wasn't directly his fault, caused by something he said, but his presence did bring a different group than had been there previously. This produced inevitable rifts between "newbies" and an "old guard" that was comfortable with the way things were. Floyd's presence also charged the emotional atmosphere to highlight existing fractures in the audience and the moderating communities on already polarizing issues. It's not like debating Accelerade vs. Gatorade in terms of emotional investment.

A lot of this reflects cycles that are common in forums, not unique to DPF, and it can get better if people take a step back.

There is still good discussion to be found there, but there is more noise to cut through to find it at the moment.

Topix is further down the path, in that useful discussion has pretty much completely ceased with no hope in sight. Most who remain are fixed-position blockheads who like to repeat themselves, fantasizing it is going to change the minds of the other fixed-position blockheads. TBV has been there, and has given as much as he's gotten, which is futile. The only reason to drop in occasionally is to try to balance the tone for new visitors who arrive and would otherwise hear largely one-sided rants.



Anonymous said...

From ORG ...


Stumbled accross this link for HBO's Real Sports interview on Landis.

I see you have it on the front page, thought you might like a link to go with it.


Episode 116 November 21, 2006


In the blink of an eye, Floyd Landis went from the ultimate American sports hero to the ultimate outcast. After completing one of the most improbable and dramatic comeback wins in the history of the Tour de France, Landis' Cinderella story turned into a nightmare when his urine sample tested positive for high levels of testosterone. Host Bryant Gumbel goes one-on-one with the cyclist as he battles the doping charges that could strip him of his Tour de France title.

Anonymous said...

ORG Again ....

The CBC show is "The National" not "The Nation." While it is not hyped on their website (no future shows are), you can watch it online after it airs. They appear to have a good library of priotr shows so, if they air anything on Landis, it should be available for anyone outside of Canada to watch.

Anonymous said...

links are bad. Both have a "%22" at the end. said...

Which links? The ones in the sunday roundup look good to me.



Anonymous said...

The calendar links to the TV show