Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday Roundup

Quote of the Day

"public": a transparent hearing; one in which any nonparty can attend in person or follow through the open record and evaluate the exact evidence and argument presented to the trier of fact, without filter of any kind or nature.


CyclingNews reports Basso to Discovery, so Landis won't be returning there.

Australian print mag features case. Poster at DPF cites snippet quoting Cadel Evans:
Evans basically said he read Floyds power output that was published on the net and the power profile he had for one climb, the Saissis was "absolutely incredible" and says its "seems beyond normal human capacity, we'll leave it at that", "most incredible athletic performance ive ever seen"

article makes a point to say that they are the same height and weight

Snark O' the Day
Henry Herald columnist gives Landis a "Dope of the Year" award, along with John Mark Karr and Donald Rumsfeld.

I sent the author a note:
It's possible you haven't been paying attention, but there is a very good chance that Floyd Landis /is/ innocent.

A current interview can be found at
and more than you could want to know is at

And he replied (with permission, admitting he is not an expert, but someone with an opinion):
Those tests are immensely accurate. As a former collegiate track athlete, I know the doping rules. Unless you can prove you were kidnapped, beat and purposely drugged with out your will, those test will stand. I read the stories and I'm familiar with Landis' side of the story, but you have be responsible for your own body and know what can raise your t-levels. Whether he did it purposely or not, the results are there. Even if he didn't know, ignorance is not an excuse.

The Anonymous Fortune Teller (AFT) comments on correspondence part 4 and lays out quite a detailed political theory for events that have transpired and will come. He continues claim that Landis blood doped, and that he's going to get hung because he has crossed the Old-Boy-Network of cycling, particularly Lance and the Discovery boys. Discussion goes back and forth for a while between him and other incredulous commenters who believe the blood-doping theory has been debunked.

AFT has previously appeared on TBV here, here, here, and here.

Rant wonders what scares the USADA, and what to make of the AFT.

PJ can't find much to satirize.

BradVentures revisits Floyd, doping, and Lance (among other things):
If Floyd is found not guilty for whatever reason, the Tour owes him millions of dollars in damages for the fiasco they created, not to mention a big apology. If he gets off I would not mind, because as it is now, he is being unfairly singled out of a pack that quite certainly not clean.

We'd previously given him grief for some less informed comments.

20 million minutes discusses opinions on the validity of testing from the BBC program we mentioned the other day.

Rant gives us a plug, as does C10A, with a thoughtful piece.

ThinAir says no one believes Landis, and no one cares.

DPF talks about "public", but not much, distracted by abritration presentation tactics.

Topix briefly lurches towards sanity, but it is a fragile state requiring continuous intervention.

For no apparent reason, gives TBV space on their front page. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

I can't be sure of the connection, but has been linked up on Floyd's site for as long as I remember. That's how I found out about them. Odds are they have a vested interest in keeping Floyd's fight public, be it because of a business relationship or, more likely, an enduring friendship with Floyd.

I'm finding that Floyd doesn't have a lot of fair weather friends. They seem willing to go to the mat for him.