Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Roundup

Slide Show 2.1 is available, along with our first look.

Velonews gets an interview with Landis. He says about the hack,

Somebody sent me an email, because I guess it came out in L'Equipe but it was nighttime in the United States. So I woke up and had gotten the email that somebody said there was a story about some hacker and they connected it to me somehow. I was caught completely off guard, I have no idea what they're referring to, but I've come to learn that nothing about this hacker story relates to my case. Why it got blamed on me or anybody around me is baffling.

CyclingNews covers Baker's presentation.

BBC Sports Cycling. has David Millar weighing in on the Landis controversy, "Millar says the Landis case in particular has made cycling realise it has a 'fundamental cultural problem'."

AP via VeloNews covers the presentation last night, as well the weeks' happenings in the Landis case. Minor changes from the version yesterday. Henson says Landis was in Tucson to be the official starter for the race, but that he would not talk to reporters.

ProCycling report conflates the hack with the admission about the typo(s), and discusses some organizational changes above LNDD.

SignOnSanDiego has a report from Wednesday that Murrieta is warming to the idea Landis might win his case.

TourDeFranceLogue looks at the proposed modifications to the WADA code in disbelief.

Landis poses with Kaity Ruth after she sang the national anthem this morning at the El Tour de Tucson.

PJ looks at some more things Mr. Pound has said this week, especially about the B sample.

Racer Blue
has a funny theory how Landis is tied to the hack, originally from TrashTalk.

Hammerhead outlines a party line more extreme than I'd take; Dark Chocolate believes he's clean by gestalt; City of Monk's "Cranksgiving" is happy the lab copped to a mistake; Phantom Reflections goes riffing; French blog reads reports as saying Landis was the hacker.