Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday Roundup

LeMonde (translated) thinks the 1337 Hax0r may be...Lance.

PezCycling News runs the Greg LeMond comments on Landis

Cycling Commentary wants to believe!

Rant is very thankful he is not living Floyd's life today....

Rant seems to have detected a change in LeMond's story, with citation; and offers some thoughts of the day.

Recovox reprints an old Brad Kearns piece about Lance, which makes some snarky assertions about Landis that Kearns has since backed away from holding as the last word on truth.

TBV almost makes the big time with a mention in the USA Today Sportsscope blog.

Turkeys, Turkeys, Turkeys!
SI's "Turkeys of the Year" puts Landis at #8. The Argus gives him one too.
Biking Bis summarizes how "thankful" sports writers have been for Floyd this year....
The Bleacher Report offers an early Snark O' the Day candidate, on "thankfulness"

Floyd Landis: I deny that I am now or have been thankful for anything. Any thankfulness on my part, or rather any perceived thankfulness on my part, was likely a chemical anomaly associated with beer and/or whiskey. Or also maybe with sustained levels of extreme physical exertion. I’m still working on it. Confirmational details to follow in an attorney-approved PowerPoint presentation. Did I mention I have a bad hip? I have a bad hip. It hurts a lot. I deny that I’m thankful for that. I further deny that I’m thankful for Shawne Merriman, who did such a half-assed job in taking over my spot as the performance-enhanced flavor of the month. I’m a Mennonite, by the way. And I definitely deny that I’m thankful for that.

Now, I have a turkey to cook, but I wanted to wish all of the US readers out there a very Happy Thanksgiving!


And having gotten the bird in the oven and the veggies chopped, TBV is going on a ride. Everybody have a good day, with arguments about Football and the scandalous selections of balloons for the Macy's Parade, and all that family gossip you've needed to catch up on.




Anonymous said...

Oh bother, I'm not at my own CPU as I'm at my brother's house, so I have to sign in as anonymous. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and best wishes for the days to come. The past few months haven't been the best for all the readers here, but let's vow today to feel good about the future. My brother has bought a bicycle; it fits me, and tomorrow while he is at work, I'm taking it out for spin (keep that a secret for me).

Cheryl from Maryland