Monday, December 29, 2008

The Winnowing: Spinopsys

Spinopsys Phil, an Australian self-described Floyd-basher, sent these regrets, and made good on his promise of mention at Cycling Central.

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I really appreciate you asking. First off congratulations of a fine blog and more importantly a fine example of what media might look like in the future. You've demonstrated that long form journalism in the digital age does not end with a 10,000 word article in a major magazine or newspaper but will be done a few hundred words at a time by a team of experts and amateurs contributing their knowledge. Yours will be an important historical archive for years to come.

Unfortunately I won't be able to contribute, busy as I am now as cycling content editor/producer for Australia's Tour de France broadcaster SBS at their brand spanking new cycling site Cycling Central.

Anyway, you can bet that I will be making note of the passing of TBV in a weekly piece I write for the site.