Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final Quotes of the Day

Let me ask you.

Have you ever held a position in an argument past the point of comfort?

Have you ever defended a way of life you were on the verge of exhausting?

Have you ever given service to a creed you no longer utterly believed?

Have you ever told a girl that you loved her and felt the faint nausea of eroding conviction?

I have.

That's an interesting moment.

--John Patrick Shanley1

Guess you gotta be the way you are.
Guess you gotta see things your own way.
If everyone laughs when the joke's on you.
Don't take it so hard.
You can look on the light side.

Well a man was hit by a train.
And his body was startin to drain.
The doc said the man's half dead
I say he's half alive.

It's all in the way you look at it.

--Gary Frenay2

1Preface to Doubt, a parable, 2005, John Patrick Shanley, Theater Communications Group Inc., New York, NY, via the Minister of Information.

2"It's All In the Way You Look at It", from Jigsaw People, sample here.


DR said...

Thanks again for this forum, and specifically for assembling the epilogue and benediction. The final comments from recognizable commentators speak for themselves and need little of the give-and-take previously available here. I have read them all with focus and interest, but not necessarily with complete understanding.

The conclusion of this matter - right, wrong, logical or irrational has been reached and it is time to move on. And there are other greater issues affecting most of us - war, the economy, the environment - which are, perhaps, more significant in the overall scheme of things.

So to you, Floyd, all contributors and the human species in general; here's hoping for a new year with a positive direction for all (excluding, of course, those unworthy souls on my personal sh** list).

whareagle said...

Peace on Earth ---

Good WILL towards Men.