Monday, December 08, 2008

Irregular Report 47

Here and There
VeloNews (quoted by Bike World News) posts the OUCH team roster for the 2009 competitive season. Oddly, Floyd Landis is listed as new AND returning, go figure.

The roster:

"returning" Heath Net riders:
Rory Sutherland
John Murphy
Tim Johnson
Karl Menzies
Roman Kilun
Floyd Landis

"new" riders:
Floyd Landis
Cameron Evans
Andrew Pinfold
Bradley White
Bobby Lea
Jonathan Chodroff

Pez also talks about team OUCH:

The core group remains essentially the same with top riders Rory Sutherland, Karl Menzies, Roman Kilun, Tim Johnson, and the ever improving future star, John Murphy.

Incoming for 2009? The #1 big name is of course Floyd Landis. Behind him, two excellent pick-ups from Symmetrics in Cameron Evans and Andrew Pinfold, as well as the immensely powerful Bradley White (watch that name). Bobby Lea and Jonathan Chodroff round out the rest as two more high-quality names that will further add to the always dominant HealthNet, er, OUCH boys.

VelocityNation has an interview with new OUCH teammate and US Cyclocross champ Tim Johnson, who says,

"I've known Floyd since we were both racing mtn bikes in the mid-nineties. He was pretty exceptional as a junior and young pro before he started to run out of steam but he was already legendary in the NorthEast. He's obviously a seriously talented athlete and now that his body and hip is back in good shape, I think we'll be seeing him wearing a leaders jersey or three this season."

Nashville Cyclist
says OUCH and Rock are the US teams to watch in '09, and looks forward to interesting matchups we're likely to see this year, especially between Rock Racing and OUCH -- like Landis/Hamilton battles. But what about Astana and Columbia, or won't they be doing enough of the domestic calendar to count?

Bicycle.Net posts USACycling's 13 UCI continental teams for 2009. OUCH is, of course, among them.

Danish TV2 reports the settlement as "Landis have given up".

Potholes and Road Apples at Lancaster Online notes Landis' return and our demise, a win-win if ever there was.

Dutch "Journalism and Doping" blog puzzles why Landis is always referred to as a Mennonite, when he long ago renounced the faith. Why isn't Armstrong "the cancer survivor Agnostic"?

CyclingNews reports that Columbia and Garmin will be using Don Catlin's Anti-Doping Sciences Institute (ADSI) for their internal testing program in replacement of the now defunct ACE.

Michele Ferrari himself offers some skepticism about the norms assumed with the biological passport; CyclingFansAnonymous thinks Ferrari's motivations are transparent, calling his article part of

his ridiculous crusade to attempt to discredit each and every anti-doping method known to mankind. He is so obvious, it is almost funny.

VeloNews' Explainer runs down the differences between US Major League sports and cycling doping control, identifying the distinctions between real unions and what Cycling has, and the resulting policies vs. WADA World.

Velonews reports Stefan Schumacher is threatening to sue the AFLD for defamation over his reported positives for CERA. Good luck with that.

George Vargas saw Floyd at the shop today and passed along some very familiar sentiments that many of us share. The photo below comes from "George's Epic Adventures".

Floyd at the shop with ,we assume, George.

The Fine Grind finally got around to reading Positively False (available at Amazon for $6.99, eligible for super saver shipping), and liked it right up to about the end of July 2006, when he started snoozing. That's when we came in.

An emailer points us to DOUBLEbikeMATCH, which is doing a challenge-match thing to help World Bicycle Relief. It's a good cause at the giving time of year.

Valedictory Dept.

Velo Vortmax offers his retrospective of the Landis case.
Makes no sense now, either. After two and a half years of blogging and arguing with people on cycling forums; study of testosterone metabolism, and WADA code, the Court of Arbitration of Sport conclusions make no sense at all! Floyd Landis was cheated by a corrupt system that presumes "guilt until proven guilty" with a healthy dose of trial by media, character assassination, leaks to the press, propaganda, outright lies, incompetent lab tests, and biased analyses of scientific data.

Podium Cafe's Ursula bids TBV a much appreciated fond farewell:

With the last court case over and Floyd due to ride again it makes sense that TbV was due to close shop. I do have a wild hope that Floyd would send one more message, a message of appreciation. As for the rest of us, if you've been a frequent reader of the site now or in the past, go on over and say thank you. Thanks, TbV and Mrs. TbV. Thanks strbuk and Judge Bill Hue. Thanks Marc and Ali. And thanks to all the contributors and fellow bloggers who took such a special interest in the case: Rant, Pommi, syi and many more. You folks have enriched our lives and when we next hear from you in relation to Floyd or in some other context our lives will be better for it.

SBS Cycling Central, written by old friend Spinopsys Phil, also bids TBV "adieu":

Whatever you might think of Floyd Landis you have to admit that lack of determination is not one of his character flaws. Now that his doping suspension is complete and all the lawsuits are out of the way, Landis will be rightly returning to the bitumen but his return also heralds a retirement of sorts for another determined mob, that of the blog Trust but Verify, which from day one of the Landis affair became the first stop for all the inside dope (pun intended) on anything related to that case. From there, over the lifetime of the Landis saga, TBV segued to all things doping, unflinchingly delving into the legal and scientific minutiae. Their team of experts and amateurs showed what new media can do in this digital age. There was a lot I didn't understand but I know I always came away better informed.

Omnibus Department
Lawjobs presents a good explanation of a metaphor we've never heard put so clearly.

[B]e careful or you will be "thrown under the bus."

Maybe this expression is foreign to you. Some people refer to this as being "hung out to dry" or "taking the fall." Let me explain. Being "thrown under the bus" is the workplace equivalent of being involuntarily thrown in front of an oncoming bus in order to slow the bus down and divert injury from the person who threw you in front of said bus.

Being thrown under the bus by a co-worker or superior is not just being called out for your failures. It is being blamed solely for something that is not necessarily, or entirely, your fault.

Too Late, Dept.
HuffPost reports:

"[W]e are expanding the Pulitzers to include many text-based newspapers and news organizations that publish only on the Internet." They are "stressing" that all entered material should come from news outlets that publish material at least weekly, "are primarily dedicated to original news reporting, are dedicated to coverage of ongoing stories and that adhere to the highest journalistic principles.

And finally, way down here in the buried lede dept., we will be folding shop at the end of the year, leaving the site up as a monument to numerous kinds of human folly. If people would like to make suggestions for valedictory stories, feel free to drop comments. We'll take them as hints, but no promises. We have one final project in the works.


Mike Solberg said...

Ah, the end of an era.

The most important message is simply: Thank you, TBV.


Eightzero said...

Life after TBV: I can't imagine it. I'm guessing TBV can though.

Mrs. eightzero says I need to move on. *sigh*

mnlavey said...

Thanks for the valuable public service you have provided. I may be forever jaded about the use of drugs in sports, but at least I am much more knowledgable on the subject thanks to TBV.


whareagle said...

Thank you for all your hard work, and thanks to all the friends I've made via this forum. Hopefully we will keep in touch, and perhaps meet at the top of a Col someday, to toast The Rooster in person. I hope he will be with us, to celebrate, and acknowledge our support.

Floyd, you'll always be "The Rooster!"

Mike Solberg said...

Before you go, TbV, I don't suppose you could tell us who "m" was? Was he connected to USADA?

And Floyd, come on, one final, non-controversial post for TBV?


daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

Not exactly a valedictory for TBV, but:

I say we organize a "Virtual Rooster Ride" for the weekend when Floyd returns to the ranks of active pros (January 30th is a Friday, so perhaps on the 31st or February 1st). Out here, the roads can be kind of dicey, but mountain bikes, `cross bikes and fixed gears can certainly manage a little something. Perhaps those who live near Floyd's stomping grounds might even be able to meet up with him (nudge, nudge ...) for a "Welcome Back" ride.

Failing that, perhaps we should crow at midnight New Years Eve, to celebrate the Year of the Return of the Rooster.

Larry said...

to TBV, strbuk and all the numerous trusters and verifiers:

Thank you. It's been a pleasure to spend time with you.

DR said...

As a latecomer to the party, I thank you for your efforts and hope you continue to heal well from your unfortunate vehicle encounter.

To use the Google translation from the Dutch TV2 link:
Thanks for your providing coverage and "headquarters" for Floyd's tribulations stemming from his "dopingdom",
but it is understandable that you have "now chosen to give" (as you have all along).

Not the perfect ending, but it is over.

Unknown said...

Thanks TbV for the glimmer of transparency and the space to thrash out all the issues among folks with intelligence and strong opinions. It is certainly good to see Floyd on his way back. I will certainly be cheering for him. It would be nice to think that his case helped change more than the just the name of LNDD, and perhaps also the way USADA and WADA look at evidence coming from their labs. I remain realistic, but hopeful--as I also hope for the disappearance of doping from cycling.
All the best!

wschart said...

It will be hard to see this stop, for the past 2 years or so TBV has been a daily, if not more often, stop for me. However it does appear that the case has finally come to an end and I certainly understand that you have another life to lead, strange as that may seem. Good luck to you and to all the other people who have participated here, no matter which side you were on.

TiGirl said...

Well, TBV, you are the first (and only) person I ever met on the internet and then met in person. Who knew it'd be on a journey such as this has been.

Like most here, I guess, this ending is less than what I'd hoped for, but I'm sure Floyd is relieved to have it over and done with now. Just wish I was a fly on that wall when the settlement was made!!!

Thanks for all the good work, hope you are healing well....we'll both have something to go back for for Diablo next year, eh??

Thank you Starbuck for all the great reading, too.


Drew said...

As a frequent reader and occasional emailer, I want to thank all of you for your contributions to my understanding of the case. I still remember arriving at work in July of 2006 to discover that Floyd had already broken from the peleton to try and save his TdF. I took my laptop and "worked" from the cafeteria to watch stage 17 progress, and I cheered as he crossed the line. What an accomplishment! I prefer to remember that feeling as opposed to the hollow feeling I have about the conclusion of the case. Thank you for the tireless work you put into this community. It has shaped the way I view cycling, WADA, the Olympics, and Floyd Landis. I look forward to again cheering for his rides, not just his character.

nahual said...

So it's time to get back on the saddle again. Well this has been fun, very rewarding, informative, cheaper than a Berlitz course, and a monument to standing up for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. There are many Supermen and Superwomen known to us now, and TBV,Strbuk, et al please always hold dear the fact you made good change in peoples lives. And made the ride most enjoyable. Guess I'd better get that Brownie recipe before it goes. Cheers, L.

And best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery back for you TBV.

Russ said...

Thank your all!!
and especially:
Floyd - God speed you man!!!
TBV - and God speed your healing!
Judge Bill and the lawyers
and the vast cast of TBV contributers
yet unamed !

Thanks for the support for Floyd,
the vast effort, the education and
the frequent entertainment.

Merry Christmas to all.

racejunkie said...

While my reaction may be perhaps unladylike, this blows. Thank you, all so much for the liveliest, most thoughtful, most comprehensive Landis-etc. coverage on the web. And dang, Floyd, isn't it about time you ponied up at least a nice handwritten thank-you note to these people?

DR said...

I must add (especially for those who know you only as "TBV") that this has been just another of your great achievements and I really do not understand why Wikipedia has not picked up on it. TBV's real name

I look forward to your next undertaking.

No, skip that, your next undertaking is to get out (when you can), and ride!

strbuk said...

Hey RJ, while that would be nice, I can't read his handwriting anyway!! LOL


wschart said...


Your link is for the wrong person, the former head of the Sierra Club, who has been dead for about 8 years now. I hope our friendly host here is not in that condition.

DR said...

Yes, thanks, I knew that (and assumed TBV did) and was just trying to add a bit of levity. I have a copy of the other DB's biography signed by him and given to my (now deceased) mother and her husband who knew him personally.

Maybe we can see that the "live and in person" DB gets his own Wikipedia entry for his efforts.

PEM said...

I have delayed making a comment in hopes that Landis would have broken his silence about his settlement. Since he has not, we can only speculate.

I masochistically read the current comments over at DPF, which only encouraged this Kool-Aid drinker to share his own speculations at this site.

So, what deal would make a person who fought tooth and nail to the bitter end, keep him quiet about his settlement? I believe Landis got a lot more than just the $100,000 fine being lifted, with the agreement for anyone in the know to not make public comments. WADA/USADA would be entering a forum where they could not control the players, and had much more to lose to defend their system in a real legal court.

Landis already accomplished one goal he set out to do – expose the corruption in the WADA system. It is there for anyone who wants to see. It must be uncomfortable knowing there is evidence showing them with their hands in the cookie jar, and it will never go away. Their only “saving grace” right now is the people are not paying attention. One day, they will.

So, would only dropping the fine be enough to keep him quiet? Perhaps not. That fine should not have been there in the first place. I believe WADA had to sweeten the deal considerably to keep Landis quiet at this point. WADA has much more to risk by allowing Landis to make noise in a US court, which could draw the attention of those who could end the party this time. And why should Landis not accept a sweetened deal with clear conscious seeing what he went through the past 2 years? There is nothing more for Landis to expose if people really care to take a look. It is now Landis’ turn to take what he can get.

At this point, no comment from Landis says a lot. Any comments Floyd?

Nancy Toby said...

Thank you for your tireless efforts in providing a public service to cycling fans worldwide.

Cheryl from Maryland said...

Thank you all, especially TBV, Mrs. TBV, TBV's family, Starbuck and Starbuck's family. Here's to watching cycling again, to the success of the OUCH team and Floyd, to healing in all senses of the word for all, and to the many great members of this blog community.


wschart said...


What is there that Landis could get? He can't get back his lost 2 years, nor his TdF win. With the Pro Tour dead, the add-on 2 year ban on PT seems to be moot, although I don't know for sure that there might be some way to get an additional pound of flesh. The only thing I could see is that USADA and/or US Cycling not only forgoes the $100k, but actually pays Landis some significant $. Could this organizations pay out large sums of money without leaving some sort of trail for someone to see?

Unknown said...

Floyd probably got the 100k (or close to 100k) fine waived in return for no comment from both sides for a period of time? Might have also gotten a gentleman’s agreement not to blackball him or Ouch from domestic races? That’s about as much as I can see USADA offering and about as little as I can see Floyd accepting in return for not moving forward in court. YMMV.

TbV, strbuk, Judge Hue, Rant, Eightzero, Larry, whareagle, Ali, and all…..A profound thank you. Stay on the mend TbV and keep the rubber side down!

Thomas A. Fine said...

Dave, Paula, and everyone who's contributed here.

Thanks for all the hard work. It was a worthy effort, even if the outcome was ultimately unsatisfactory.

The thing that bothers me is, this upcoming season is the one where I feel this site will be most needed. Lance has already had eight OOC tests (not counting any of his own testing he's doing. And it's hard to imagine they wouldn't also be out for Floyd's blood.

Science is filled with a history of reputable people finding things that weren't there, like the canals of mars and cold fusion. I have little reason to doubt that the anti-doping people will find exactly what they're looking for.

For myself, so far I haven't found what I'm looking for. But then I'm not even sure what that is.

tom said...

Thanks and good luck too you all. I hope these last 2 years have not dampened your enthusiam for the bicycle. I for one ride more than ever. I think that what was done here was nothing short of stellar, and I know Floyd appreciated it very much. I wish you all the best cycling has too offer.
Green MTN. Cyclery

PEM said...

My last post was just a vent (and wishful thinking) after reading some of the b.s. at DPF.

TBV, thank-you for creating this site. It was very informative, and it was a safe haven for those who wished to express their thoughts where most participants were respectful. There is a lot of hatred out there at many other blogs and “discussion” groups.

Best wishes with your recovery.

Best wishes to the site administrators and all that gathered and posted here.


Russ said...

Floyd Landis will lead team OUCH into the second of three training camps scheduled before the squad's first race appearance at the Tour of California in February of 2009.

Eightzero said...

Stop the madness!

"Grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk refused to submit a urine sample for a drug test at the Chess Olympiad in Dresden and is now considered guilty of doping. The world of chess is outraged that he could face a two-year ban.",1518,595819,00.html

Maybe we need to start thinking about removing cycling as a "sporting discipline" and instead adopt the "realm of cultural assets" approach. Chess as an olympic sport you say? What will be next? World of Warcraft? Wii? Curling?

Ali said...

Ciao, everyone.

Respect to TBV and Strbuk for bringing us all this for so long.

Respect to Floyd for managing to make it through this. It would have broken me into a thousand pieces if I'd had to endure what he has. It's his character which has motivated me (as well as TBV nipping at my heels !).

To all the other people I've "met" here, it's been a real pleasure.


Rosemary said...

Thank you for being there these past 2 years. And thank you for the irregular reports so it's not like quiting cold turkey.

We'll be watching Floyd at the ToC next February!!!

Thomas A. Fine said...

eightzero wrote:


Perfect. And of course they've already had a drug scandal too. The question is, why does anybody want to have there sport in the olympics. The answer of course is MONEY.

Things just seem to be progressing into the ever more ridiculous. For my part, I think I'll whip out photoshop and make an illustration of the (alleged) growing use of Viagra for performance enhancement, and it's role in a sport where everyone wears nothing but spandex.


Linda said...

Thanks guys. You have been an invaluable source of information in following the Landis case. It may be the end of one era, but the beginning of another with Landis and Armstrong back on their bikes. Who knows what shenanigans will unfold next in the French/ American racing drama, otherwise known as the Tour de France.

Bill Mc said...


Thanks for spearheading this forum, and thanks also to all of the individuals who cared enough about justice and fair play to participate in the discussions here.

I hope that your recovery is continuing apace and that you'll be back to full strength soon.

GMR and I are planning to be at some ToC stages again this year and hope that we'll see you and your wife there again.

Take care.

Eightzero said...

Follow the money you say?

Academic doping anyone? I was amused by the WoW ad that popped up on the page above this article. I was stunned when I heard they actually have *tournaments* for video games.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great work, TBV gang.