Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Roundup

Howdy, pardner!
Bing Crosby sings the theme song better than we can.

Quickrelease thinks there's something fishy.

Rant gives us a nice send off.

The Boulder Report gives a fond farewell. If we were pedantic sorts, we might complain about being called Southern Californian, which is like calling someone in Gunnison a front-ranger. But that would be unnappreciative: Lindsay has kept his own counsel and not been tied into a fixed position.

Team Ouch has a web site, and a twitter feed.

Is the team motto going to be, "Putting the hurt on"?

Epic Carnival runs a year-ender by Gary Gaffney of Steroid Report, suggesting that the sport of cycling be euthanized, with Landis as but one example.

The Grauniad's Barnry Ronay makes Landis one of his Sports Villains of 2008, listing no other cyclist. That's staying power for someone who didn't even compete in the sport for the year.

Musings Blong Orrb├ęsau thinks "TBV is a sorry excuse", but is talking about a different one.


Finally, this tidbit from BobkeStrut, talking about the book Sneaker Wars.

Dick Pound is mentioned for his behind the scenes arm-twisting of National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in the early 1980s. Pound, tightly connected to IOC chair Juan Antonio Samaranch, made the rounds of the worlds NOCs in order to convince them to give up their marketing rights and sell them back to the IOC home office in Switzerland. The end result was that the Olympics could then have a single, global marketing campaign and the beneficiary of this was Adidass Horst Dassler. Surprise, surpriseDassler was a major force in getting Samaranch elected as IOC head, and as a payback Samaranch would contract Dasslers shadow sports marketing firm to handle the Olympic marketing campaign.

(We'll talk a little about the Sporting-Entertainment Complex before we check out later.)

Be seeing you. We're done.


Unknown said...

In the words of Douglas Adams, "So long and thanks for all the fish"


strbuk said...


BadBart said...

Jerry Garcia said it best: "What a long, strange trip it's been." Thanks for everything!

Eightzero said...

To paraphrase: "Mr. President [of the arbitration panel] there must not be an [anti-doping] gap."

Bill Mc said...

"All the rest is silence" (Hamlet)

Unknown said...


After all this time, its over. TBV, you have been a daily (or almost) stopping ground for me.

While I didn't get everything read, I will miss dropping by daily. Perhaps, now I can catch up. Ha.

If I ever get out your way, I owe you a drink or meal for all your hard work and educating me. That goes for strbuk and the others. (The only real odds are for strbuk as I have family her town)

Anyhow, best wishes, and thanks alot for being a part of my life the last 2 1/2 yrs.


wschart said...

While in a way I am sad to see TBV disappear, I do understand both that the Landis case, the raison d'etre for this blog, is over, and pretty much everything that can be said has been said. Barring any unforeseen revelations, it is time to put this specific case to rest. And I also do understand all the time, trouble and effort that TBV, Marc, Judge Hue and Starbuck have put into this.

I appreciate your all's work here, as well as the work that others have put into things via comments and other contributions. Best of luck to everyone in the new year!