Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Winnowing: Christiane Ayotte

Christiane Ayotte is the director of the Montreal WADA lab, and testified for USADA at both the AAA and CAS hearings. She quickly sent a brief reply to our solicitation.

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Thanks for the invitation.

All what I had to say in relation to the findings reported by Paris, the interpretation of the results, all the arguments raised by the athlete's experts is totally contained in the declarations submitted to the CAS Panel. [...] I have no desire for polemic and see no reason to challenge the faith that is yours. Friends must trust, not verify.

All the best!

Christiane Ayotte, Ph.D.
INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier


whareagle said...
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bobble said...

Dang I'm way down the list now!

I was thinking about this one over the weekend and it finally dawned on me what it reminded me of, a sign I've seen in gun stores over the years that says "In God we trust, all other pay cash".

I guess Ms. Ayotte is suggesting we should trust them because if they say an athlete is guilty of doping, it must be so.