Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dude Abides, Dept.

An emailer points us to an encounter with the Big Landowski. (Do not be drinking the white stuff while reading.) For a while, sir, interviewer MKA reminds us of Affleck channelling Olberman, or maybe Olberman doing Olberman.

Landis is now alleged to have taken on
Fignon's hairstylist and Jan's nutritionist.



strbuk said...

Wait a minute, how can there be no comments? LOL


daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

Dunno. I read the Landowski piece last night and almost spewed Peets all over my laptop. Very funny, whoever this MKA person is.

Unknown said...

Always a good idea to smell check the half and half.

In other news, Palomar is in the 2009 ToC. Hope Floyd is too.

Tom Anhalt said...

MKA is "Max Kash Aggro", or the nome de plume of one Roger Worthington, Esq.

But, I think you already knew that...

racejunkie said...

Oh, you threw some love to Jan! You guys *are* my favorites, ever.