Wednesday, December 31, 2008

That's All, Folks!

Oh No!
I killed the Wabbit!

You were expecting a happy ending?

So Long.

The site will remain live as long as blogger keeps it, and we'll try to get it archived into the wayback machine. Comments will also remain open as long as anyone wishes to use them.


JMP said...

Again, congrats on the magnitude of your efforts and what you achieved.

bostonlondontokyo said...

TBV, Marc, Starbuk, all - Without question this the blog on the web I've read the most, and I think it's fitting that you've decided to give it a proper ending. I'm happy that the case is now history, and I'm beginning to think that it MAY become a footnote, which would be great for Landis. I'm quite serious when I say that each and all of you ought to lend your writing/editing and newsworthiness to other blogs and projects on the web - you've all provided such amazing insight and detail to every story, idea and legal question as it has come along. Even when I have disagreed with some of the words published here, I could never say that they weren't thoroughly thought out, researched, and sincere. Thank you for a great job, and I truly hope to see some of you contributing to other writing ventures on the web. Peace to you for 2009.

whareagle said...

So long, farewell, and Amen.

bobble said...

And coincidentally there's a Looney Tunes marathon on the Cartoon Network!

*Maybe*, just maybe, blogs like this one and FL's public defense will make the unchecked powers that be think a little more next time around they decide to hang someone with crappy data. Or it will embolden them, one or the other. Your mileage may vary.

Thanks for all the hard work TBV, Strbk, etc.

Bonne route!

Unknown said...

TBV, et al. Thanks for your time and data sharing. My take is the riders subject themselves to an unjust system, probably tied to some contract they sign as pros. Regarding FL, I work in Temecula, CA, near Murrieta, FL's current home. The past 2 years, during this whole ordeal, I've seen FL riding at least 6 times, always alone. I've seen him checking this e:mail while riding near his home, right before the "trail;" I've seen him stop at a stop light and wait for the light to turn green, et al. I saw him most recently, right before the OUCH announcement, and his legs were huge. From this random observations, LF is a worker, not a slacker, even while his life has been in chaos. He's earning his performance naturally, from what I've seen. I can't wait to see how he does at the Tour of CA, especially the nasty final stage, which starts in my hometown this year. Among other things in this 97 mile stage, it's going up and down Palomar Mountain, FL's traing ground I understand. Thanks again.

whareagle said...

And there's this from the Publisher and Chief Correspondent of another well-known Forum.

"Well Done TBV. You have provided a public service of high value.
The Landis case offered the first honest look into the proceedings of the a rider caught in the mechanism of a WADA/ADA procedures.
I had for years believed that the game was rigged against a fair and honest search for the truth... I think the record shows that my suspicions were sadly confirmed.
Sadly, it also confirmed what a mentor of mine had long warned, that few men are capable to mete out justice fairly.
Ali, we all have unfinished business as long as this system is in place without oversight and open to scrutiny at every level and I might add, some reform in process to bring it to a higher standard of other civilized justice systems.
So your feelings that this is so is not unfounded.
There is a lot of truth in the old saw, "There is no peace without justice."
There is no justification for draconian measures or punishments and in the end and as the record shows the result is less than effective. The sport, participants and fans deserve better.
I don't think this will ever be solved until the riders are organized in a union that balances the powers involved in the sport or WADA has some oversight by the governments and justice systems of the govenments that financially supports its mission. Until then they will practice their own brand of "justice.""

Vaughn Trevisanut

nahual said...

Hey, I'm havin' withdrawal here........need new content, I'm crashin' hard. Rumors? Anything, VeloNews is cuttin' back, I'm dyin' here, Floyd gimme somethin', Lance buddy, aren't you tired of being ignored? Arrrrgggghhhhhh.....I'm goin' slack....

whareagle said...

Dude, yer not the only one. You can hop over to Rant and fight with Jean C...

Ali said...

"I Know I Shouldn't But ..."

That may be my epitaph and as if to reinforce that concept ...

I recently read "In Search of Robert Millar", by Richard Moore. A right riveting read, as they say. I'd be tempted (but incorrect) to say that Robert was somebody with problems. I correct myself because he's just who he is ... an individual totally commited to cycling. I finished the book respecting him.

Anyway, I digress (yes there is a point and I haven't just started writing my memoirs). The book has an interesting section on Dr Francois Bellocq who was a very keen student of "correcting the balance" of athlete's hormone levels to accomodate the ravages of GT races on the body. He differentiated this from doping, which he classified as uncontrolled and excessive administration of hormones. OK, nowadays, what he did would be classified as doping, but I kinda see where he's coming from. So, here's the point, one of the quotes from the book is:

"Bellocq was taking care of most of the peloton at that time, including Hinault, Delgado and LeMond"

Well, as you can imagine, this caught my (now cynical) eye. "Well, well, well ... what have we here", I wondered. Surely a different LeMond I thought but then all these phrases starting rushing into my mind: "No smoke without fire", "They're all at it ", etc. You know the sort of stuff ... standard fare used against Floyd and Lance. Then something really weird happened in my brain (don't panic, this is not uncommon). I started replaying that initial conversation betweeen Floyd and Greg (you know, the telephone converstaion) and you know what? For the first time, it actually didn't feel weird anymore. It sat pretty well and Greg's probing questions sort of made sense ... I could see where he was coming from (literally).

Anyway, I just thought I'd toss that one in as a leaving present, even though I also thought that I should just let things lie. I'm a rascal ... I just can't help myself, what can I say :-)

Cheryl from Maryland said...

Oh, the delicious irony of TBV shutting down to Looney Tunes. Perfect. At least we were spared Dick Pound or Pat McQuaid crossdressing. Or maybe those two were Elmer Fudd. Or that giant horse. If you haven't seen What's Opera Doc, stop what you are doing now, find it and watch it.

Anyway, thanks to TBV, Starbuck, Marc, Ali, Larry, Floyd and all of the other contributers who made this cycling enthusiast feel as if all was not totally lost and that all innocent victims of the evil farce that is a part of professional cycling could try to make a difference.

Take care, remember cycling is beautiful, and ride safe.

Barry Sherry said...

Thanks for all your work. Life is not always fair, and this wasn't, but the fight was a good one.