Sunday, April 04, 2004

Testimonials, and Not, to TBV

"An informational effort that I think rivals the physical effort of a long distance ride, without the fun and exhilaration." (Vemos)

"As always, Trust but Verify has the best coverage, if you want to delve into it." (Doucheblog)

Thank heavens for David Brower's astoundingly comprehensive site devoted to Floyd's woes, (Austin Murphy, Sports Illustrated)

"The Trust But Verify blog is the main repository for the explaining, and sometimes debunking, of the science involved in the Floyd Landis doping debacle." (BikeBiz)

"There are over 75 members of the press who are here at Pepperdine Law School covering the Floyd Landis doping arbitration. They include the BBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, AP, RAI, Reuters, ESPN, LA Times, NY Times, Sports Illustrated, the Guardian, USA Today, Velonews, Road Magazine, and Cycling News. But there is one group of reporters sitting in the overflow press room that deserves special mention: Trust But Verify. It is an amazing blog devoted exclusively to covering the Landis doping case from start to finish. "(Opinio Juris)

"The segments of transcripts of testimony below come from "Trust But Verify" (TBV), which has become the single most respected clearinghouse for everything related to the Floyd Landis case" (Environmental Chemistry)

"Floyd Landis: Blog on Landis Doping Allegations" (LA Times [better than nothing])

"Arnie Baker has prepared a new slideshow in defense of Floyd Landis. Video is available at, and the Landis-backing (but open to skepticism) blog Trust But Verify has analysis." (USA Today Sports Scope)

"TalkingpointsBlurVerity!" (Will@Topix, our #1 fan)

"TalkingpointsBeforeVeracity " (Will@topix)

"Landis Apologists" (Sun Dappled Forest)

"TBV offers as much detail as anyone could want on the continuing Floyd farce." (

"The gold standard of coverage has been Trust But Verify, which has every possible detail and roundup that you might need to catch up." Spare Cycles.

"Whistling Landistas" (Will@topix)

"For more in-depth daily coverage, go to" (Martin Dugard, author of Chasing Lance)

"Who does awards for blogs? I sense a nomination is in order." (Carlton Reid, of BikeBiz)

" Trust but Verify, the essential clearinghouse blog about the Landis case" (Mark McClusky of Wired magazine)

"thank you for you balanced look at what is happening with floyd." (Michael Farrington. Green Mountain Cyclery, Ephata, PA.)

"This genuine Floyd basher would like to thank you for the hard work you put into this great resource." (Spinopsys Phil)

"As for "" what kind of loser makes an entire blog about one stupid doping scandal? It's not like the guy is Abraham Lincoln. Thanks "Anonymous" (aka strbuk), you just made the list." (Monkey Migrane)

"For readers interested in the Floyd Landis story, I can highly recommend a visit, it's a fantastic resource." (DigitalAgency)

"you can also access the documents at, where the blogger at Trust But Verify has made all three hundred and seventy individual pages available as separate PDFs. TBV has become an excellent clearinghouse for information on the case." (Now That's Amateur)

"this is the best and most balanced site to find out what is going on in the Landis case." (anonymous suckup)

"You're sounding desperate TBV" (wanderer from Topix)

"If you're interested in Floyd's doping allegations, the blog Trust But Verify collects daily news about the case and about Floyd. They don't appear to have an editorial opinion, but merely aggregate each day's media coverage." (BlackBird Images)

"he TBV blog has daily news and commentary about the Floyd Landis doping allegations, with an admitted personal bias for Floyd. Great stuff. I have no way of knowing who's innocent or guilty, but TBV's info and links make it clear that the testing entitities are about as well-run as the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin." (Activeness)

"a great place to visit and see what's being said out there, truthfully or otherwise." (anonymous)

"I read TBV every day, keep up the fantastic work!" (Steve)

"You provide a very balanced, thorough, and enthusiastic summary of Floyds' situation. Thank you very much!!! " (Michele)

"If any of you folks are interested in following the Floyd Landis story further, go here" (EthylBenzene)

"The best place for keeping up with the daily news and chatter about it, on both sides, is at the Trust But Verify blog" (thinnman)

"I liked your old format better!" (Some whiner)

"I love love love your site, but I hate the new set-up" (Another one)

"I just wanted to say that, a few months ago, I found the Trust But Verify blog which is generally supportive of the Floyd case but strives to present all material in a mostly objective fashion. It's obvious that they also want to believe in Floyd, which is why I like them. But I think they're doing a pretty good job of offering up all available content and material on the subject. It's where I get the daily news on what's happening with the Floyd case and I am grateful to them for the time they spend collecting and collating news." (Sascha)

"I have to say, following your blog is one of the highlights of my day." (Rant)

"I feel like I've been spun in circles and then hit in the head", (SciFiTwin)

"the diversity of your links, though i know you have admitted your bias, is admirable. " (anonymous)

"..holding on to straws you are... " (must be a different anonymous)

"Interesting blog. Your thoughts and commentary have softened my position a bit on Floyd." (jakalof)

"Thanks for doing this!" (chris @ podium cafe)

"The podium girls go, or I do." (Mrs. TBV)

"It's remarkable that someone would take so much interest in the affairs of Floyd Landis, and present such a professional blog. TBV's wife and family must either be long-suffering or equally interested [Both. -TBV]. This blog must take a lot of time. And even if it's tilted slightly towards Floyd, we can all make up our own minds after reading the information." (another shill)

"You are doing great work by tracking this whole mess. . . " (Vemos, in comment)

"Keep track of fiction and reality here." (thinnman again, must be getting the payoffs)

"As an enthusiastic follower of your site, thanks for the daily updates and your hard work" (Cheryl)

"this blog is a free research center that can't be ignored." (Cheryl, who must not work for an ADA)

"Many thanks to TBV, his supportive family, Strbuk, Marc, Dan and everyone else. I'm particularly impressed with the November summary" (Cheryl, who really knows how to butter us up.)

"I know this ain't a fair and balanced blog" (Chris_t)

"trust but verify Has a really good blog going about the Floyd Landis case. I go there a couple of times a day" (James Dixon)

"Are you the guy wuth the French accent?" (comment here)

"There is very complete coverage of the case and enough links to keep you busy for days at Trust But Verify. I have spent many a lunchtime here and learned more than I dreamed possible." (IllinoisFrank)

"TOO MANY ACRONYMS." (chiefhiawatha, directed to the GLOSSARY)

"Since I found it, it's a site I check daily. I've learned more here, than I ever would, trying to follow some of the cycling forums" (Theresa)

"Great blog for those wanting the latest info on the Floyd Landis case" (Some guy named David, but not me, honest.)

"You guys are doing an awesome service" (From Austin TX)

"You are evil." (PelotonJim, in comment)

"I thought you were a spot on resource?" (Chris_t, noting an error revealed by later information)

"A fabulous source is " (Bannaoj)

"I have been following since this broke, and your stuff is the first and last I look at." (Trislax)

"Okay. Whatever. Stick to your Floyd-is-clean belief" (Our Anonymous Fortune Teller (AFT)).

"I am thoroughly enjoying you blog you are doing an awesome job " (Mark Reagan)

"Highly recommended to everybody who would like to get a quick update on the Landis Case and/or a full insight in what has been happening to this day, the website of Trust But Verify." (C10A)

"I love hearing that crinkly tinfoil sound." (Spinopsys Phil)

"My opinion on the post race specifics of the Floyd situation differs greatly with most stateside, not that it matters much because my opinion does not count. As always, enjoying your blog." (Spinopsys Phil, again)

"i do find your site a great source of info, and especially like the fact that you are upfront about your biase concerning floyd." (Shift-key challenged anon)

"I appreciate your site, especially the tolerance and balance that you provide." (anonymous)

"Excellent blog!" (MMan)

"the intent of this site is to offer facts, and all sides of the issue[.] TBV, personally, states that he is pro Floyd. However, if you've read this blog on a regular basis, you've seen that he covers many points of view, and offered to give space to material opposing Floyd." (anonymous sycophant)

"Great blog. You're tagged. " (BikingBis. Great. More work)

"For a great play-by-play you can't go wrong by heading over to our friends in the blogosphere, Trust But Verify, who has been following the plight of Floyd since his positive results were revealed a year ago." (Triple Crankset)

"If you really want to follow the Landis hearing blow by blow then Trust but Verify is the essential clearing-house; as one visitor comments: ‘ The author is biased in favor of Floyd (so am I) but the reporting is neutral and comprehensive.’ Unlike that commentator, I do not believe in Landis’s innocence but I too find Trust but Verify very useful." (The Durruti Column)

" You can read the summary by ESPN here, from Velonews here, and detailed blog commentary here." (Opinio Juris It's like being mentioned)

"The Chronicles in this case", Mathew Barnett, USADA attorney, questioning Greg Lemond.

"For those following the Floyd Landis arbitration at Pepperdine Law School... the blog to read is Trust But Verify ... The raw information before all of the 30 second media spin (but a lot of comments) are on Trust But Verify in the Hearing Coverage Section." (

"I've found TVB's coverage of the USADA's first ever publicly open arbitration hearing far superior to anything else found on any medium. Streaming video of the coverage doesn't always work because of server and bandwidth issues from the organization providing the service, so TVB's extemporaneous transcription is the best way, in my opinion, to get near live access." (Joe Schmoe, with superior spelling)

"I've been riveted by the ongoing blogging from the Landis-USADA hearings at Pepperdine at Trust But Verify. Well done, fellow bloggers! Just a few short years ago this kind of up-to-the-minute, blow-by-blow coverage and analysis wouldn't have been available to the general public - and certainly never before in a hearing for an athlete accused of doping!" (Tour de France Lanterne Rouge)

"it's coma inducing, and should be a member of the barbituate family. There should be a warning about operating heavy machinery while watching this.
I really want to know how this case is transpiring, but trying to follow the technobabble is very very hard. I think I'm gonna stick with reading the daily summaries that are posted at the end of the day, over at TBV." (A Cycling Life)

I am a big cycling fan and am watching with interest the Floyd Landis doping hearing….For total coverage of the Landis affair, check out the #1 internet source …Trust But Verify" (20 million minutes)

"Time for less T and more V" (comment)

"I am also disappointed with TBV's white-washing the inexcusable." (DPF)

"I am shocked by the article about it on the 'trust but verify' blog:" (DPF)

"Dbrower may have achieved for himself limited public figure status, but he's no Johnny Carson." (DPF)

"But please don't confuse me with those "idiots over at TBV". I lost much respect for Dbrower's site long ago. His transparently manipulative coverage offends even me, a rather uncomplicated guy. " (DPF)

:TbV was way off base with that. Calling it a "prank gone bad" is offensive in that context" (DPF)

"TBV absolutely lost the leeway I had given it for being so one-sided. Enough 'benefit of the doubt' already. That is a spin zone for wackos!" (DPF)

"I had always thought that TBV was a site presenting the spin but in reasonably civil and inoffensive way (not counting the comments of their cretinous posters) but now I'm not so sure." (DPF)

"db, you have a huge emotional investment in this. I wonder if this hasn't kept you from seeing how this whole sorid affair has been developing over the past few months." (DPF)

"I could really give a shit about Floyd Landis’ struggle against the tyranny of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the French, and synthetic steriods, but apparently some do [TRUSTBUTVERIFY]. " (Part Mule)

"Everything you never wanted to know.... about Floyd's case can be found here." (Mud and Cowbells)

"To follow the latest twist and turns of the Floyd Landis doping affair, I recommend Trust But Verify, whose authors, devoted fans of Landis, have digested an ungodly amount about the science and law of anti-doping in cycling, and present their coverage in an honest, straightforward way." (

"You can also watch the whole thing here (but that would be way more pathetic than just reading updates, or even reading US Weekly)." (The Goat)

"Trust But Verify's Hearing Coverage--If it's said, it's here. Good, bad, and ugly. TBV has a bona-fide judge by his side who has actual years of lawyerin' under his belt. The honorable Mr. Hue will be watching along with the rest of us. Only smarter." (Sci Fi Twin)

Trust me, although media coverage will be huge, one should not forget to question how objective these stories are going to be when you read your local paper. Before you draw your own conclusions, why don't you take a peek overhere (link to TBV) and try a different perspective. Remember: there's two sides to every story." (C10A)

I was casually browsing through the Floyd Landis fan club webpage the other day (you know, )" (Stubby Holder)

"the Flandis circus (which Trust But Verify positively OWNED since the beginning)" cornerstone life

" Trust But Verify (which provides the best coverage of Floyd Landis' hearings)" Life Liberty and Property.

"Meanwhile, Trust But Verify continues to comprehensively blog the aftermath of the Landis hearing." Slow Twitch Sunday

"Blog’s too small a word, really. Trust But Verify’s founder and contributors did some amazing work at the Floyd Landis hearing which concluded yesterday."

" I have found myself glued to the coverage of Floyd Landis’s doping hearing at Trust But Verify. The folks at TBV have been amazing, posting testimony transcripts and offering informed commentary. When do those guys sleep?" Sabernonimics

"It never seemed possible—let alone likely—that the average public would follow the science involved in the IRMS testing, but the transcripts are comprehensible. Near real-time access to the proceedings has been possible thanks to Trust But Verify. Belgium Knee Warmers

"My drug of choice this week is Trust But Verify who have been doing a great job summarizing the action in layman's terms so that the rest of us can follow along." First Last and Always.

"Anyway, you can follow Floyd's trial in almost absurd depth on this site. It's pretty cool, actually: Landis trial blog" SteveSie

"[T]he most ambitious coverage of this case, on the blog Trust but Verify." Spokes 'n Folks

"Found a great blog - trust but verify - that is doing liveblogging from the landis hearing." Sawickipedia

"I have been mesmerized by the Floyd Landis arbitration proceedings. The best web site on this is at" Schmicks in Eugene

" Trust But Verify. What a mess." Cornerstone life (out of context).

"Hat seinen Doktor in Heidelberg gemacht und wurde von den Landis-Leuten nach Malibu eingeflogen, um die Laborarbeit in Frankreich zu diskreditieren. Sein Vernehmungsprotokoll kann man auf dem Blog Trust But Verify nachlesen" American Arena

" TBV, a sympathetic to Landis, yet objective clearinghouse of Landis info blog", Go Faster Jim

"I've found TVB's coverage of the USADA's first ever publicly open arbitration hearing far superior to anything else found on any medium. Streaming video of the coverage doesn't always work because of server and bandwidth issues from the organization providing the service, so TVB's extemporaneous transcription is the best way, in my opinion, to get near live access." Joe Schmoe

"Today is the last day of the Landis Doping Arbitration Hearing, so I'm pretty much going to be over at TBV all day." Joe Schmoe again.

"For those following the Floyd Landis arbitration at Pepperdine Law School... the blog to read is Trust But Verify"

"Great coverage on the 10-day Landis hearings in Malibu on Trust But Verify. The title of the site sums up my thoughts on the case. " TOW

"Trust But Verify is grassroots journalism at its finest. TBV tracks the status of the doping allegations against 2006 Tour de France Champion Floyd Landis. The arbitration hearing last week at Pepperdine University involving Floyd and the USADA was covered first hand by the bloggers, and the play-by-play and color commentary was *exemplary.*

Writing for TBV is Judge William Hue. His articles (co-authored by the blog owner David Brower) on TBV "Judging Floyd" are outstanding. So far posted in 5 parts, this is the kind of coverage that is sorely lacking in mainstream media. *Thank you* for all you did in covering this proceeding. We owe all of you at TBV a debt of gratitude." Information cul-de-sac

"Trust But Verify is a key blog for coverage of the Floyd Landis doping allegations."

"The TBV blog has daily news and commentary about the Floyd Landis doping allegations, with an admitted personal bias for Floyd. Great stuff." Activeness

"You can read Truth and Verify for more news on cycling." (PabaOn. At least the link works)

"About the Floyd Landis case, Trust But Verify has enormous credibility about doping. Want to learn more about all of the doping cases? Start there." (GroupNews )

"I’ve not been following the Landis thing too closely (although trust but verify is the place to go if you’re interested) but it looks like his test results might not stand up." (Pereginate Press)

"To someone like I, who does not cycle, it’s amazing to see how interesting a topic like this can be. It only goes to show that a well-designed blog that considers usability, content and timeliness is going to succeed because of its accessibility. Add to that a story that nearly anyone would find fascinating: An athlete pursuing a dream, a questionable test result, a cloak-and-dagger arbitration hearing, an appeal, big international forces, and many colorful characters along the way... (Yes, the case of Landis reads like a Dickens novel.)" (Steady Squirrel)