Monday, May 21, 2007

Hearing - Mon Finger Stretch

There's a light misty drizzle today, which seems uncommon for here. Things were slick, though there were no accidents on the Pacific Coast Highway as we came in. Those looking for metaphors can look at the fog that has enshrouded things, obscuring the truth; or the dangerous conditions of the unexpectedly treacherous roads; or the hope that dirt will be washed away in a cleansing bath.

The paper over the weekend had a story about how the new upper campus here at Pepperdine is being landscaped using native plants instead of the non-native decoratives used in the old campus. When established, the natives won't need the artificial irrigation and maintenance needed on the vast lawns that face the coast road. There's a PED metaphor here, too.

The other day, Arlene Landis stopped by the press room, and did a rundown of her children, most of whom are still in Lancaster County. "Floyd", she said, "wanted to go out in the world..."

We're getting wired as we were on Saturday, in expectation for Landis' cross-examination in the afternoon. I'm not expecting much substantive from that, but the media will be looking for emotional bites.

The real meat ought to be in the morning and early afternoon, as Landis' starts his case against the IRMS results with his own experts.


Anonymous said...

What's the password for streaming today? Just tried the one posted at, and it didn't work.

Ken ( said...

I love the notes about Arlene Landis, she must be an absolutely wonderful woman of real character. Too bad more of the world doesn't have some of her traits.