Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Read This

Environmental Chemistry gives a bang-up review of the case, at length, that should not be missed.


strbuk said...

Excellent commentary on the hearings, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Why did Floyd Landis chose a black tie on the very day after his thug friend, Will Geoghegan threaten Greg lemond.

Landis already confessed that he was present during that evil call.

Was Floyd Landis still feeing evil the very next day?

Do non steroid abusers behave like this?

A see T-Mobile suffered yet another doping confession today.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

"The efforts and dedication those involved with TBV have put into telling this story as completely as possible is deserving of nothing short of a Pulitzer Prize."

Thats a nice pat on the back for you guys...

Anonymous said...

Joseph Goebels would be envious.

Anonymous said...

Someone(s) petty jealousy show’s their intelligence. Their comments are bringing the discussion down to the level of Dick Pound and his nazi frogmen. If you want to hear yourself talk go in the bathroom and please close the door. Others here are interested in the truth.

Anonymous said...

How awesome!! That is a website that scientific minds read; and TBV is the authority!! I love the recommendation s for fixing the problems, they make sense! Not political, scientific basis! And it just shows what a great job you guys are doing!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link to the Environmental Chemistry review of the case.

In the increasingly "winner takes all" global mindset, it really should be no surprise to see "win at all costs" behavior, whether it is from athletes, the WADA, the USADA, transnational corporations, or all the souls flocking to gambling establishments in search of a jackpot.

Unfortunately, the stakes have become too high and decency, truth, due process, fairness, and integrity have become casualties of the global casino. I certainly am no longer "proud to be an American."

To me to greatest tragedy of this all is that we are being robbed of heroes. Most of us want to believe in something or someone stronger, better, more noble than ourselves. But this is being stripped from us. And all for the vagaries of the global market place. It has all become incredibly Machiavellian and feudal.

Viva La France!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know, if I were an elite cyclist, I'd be torn between wanting to take part in the most prestigious of bicycle races and the fact that my life could be ruined by a very possible false positive [and the inevitable leaks] from a notoriously shoddy laboratory.

While I think cycling as a sport is not in as much danger as most people would seem to infer, I believe, regardless of the outcome of these hearings [in terms of Floyd's past, present and future], the Tour de France is at serious risk of extinction; no formal "boycott", per se, just a simple avoidance by those who recognize the liklihood of botched "science", should they face testing.

Thank you to all who have worked so hard to provide a glimpse of the procedures and all-too-political motives of the anti-doping [bowel] movement.