Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hearing - video archives

The video archives of the hearing are at Courtroom Video Network. We don't know how long they will be there, and there doesn't look like there's a way to download them.

UPDATE: A reader has downloaded, converted and sent them to us, and we've put them up in a permanently available location at


Anonymous said...

They appear to be making it difficult to download.. however, I think it is possible.. You need to download the stream and assemble into asf, a windows media format. Using a program like wireshark (freeware) you can find the http location for the videostream which goes example I found in wireshark is now that you have that, you can use a tool from here: to construct the whole deal from the stream.. haven't used those tools before.. but they appear to work on the WMX format.

Other links and such I found: but when you try to download, it still does a wmx... hence the need for the other utilities.. good luck

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, but the login from Landis' site doesn't work, and when you click without logging in, it says "Activix control not found." I had this trouble a lot in at the end of the hearings, In fact the last seession I saw was Landis first testimony. Everytime after that the circuit was full, or I had technical problems. I did not have the luxury of viewing it during the day (I was at work) and every evening it was at capacity. Ah well, probably saved myself a lot of grief.

Thanks again for all the incredible work you all did during the past 9 1/2 months. Loved all the articles you've linked the last two days! I forwarded them onto many friends.


Thinnmann said...

The active X control not found error is probably a local issue on your computer. It happened with me and Firefox, but not with MSIE. I fixed the problem in Firefox by installing the extension Media Wrap.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I sampled three of the archived videos via and had no problems viewing them. Sunday evening, 11:08 pm, east coast time.
Jeff from Newark, DE

Anonymous said...

Is it feasible for anyone to download and archive them in a format that is reasonably available? My memory is that the IOC or USOC permitted not for profit copying and distribution of the hearing. The importance of this is lessened if official transcripts are going to be available, but I have my doubts on that and from experience with both deposition and trial transcripts I know that a lot of significance can be buried by its reduction to the written word - and the demonstration of a walking objection is stronger when viewed than when read.

Anonymous said...

can you please add these to youtube or google videos?

Anonymous said...

I used Internet Explorer and not Firefox to view the video because you have to use an older version of Firefox, 1.5.

But with Internet Explorer (I'm using Windows Vista) I could view the videos automatically without the need to download the Activex control.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a panel of jurists or arbitrators who are familiar with doping in sports review the transcript of the hearings and render an unbiased opinion on the manner in which they were conducted. Not necessarily the science, but on how they were conducted. Bill Hue has already expressed his bias so I would not expect to see him on this panel, in spite of the fact that he did a masterful job of interpreting what went on.

Thanks again to all of you, Bill, DB, Marc et al for your work in bringing this matter to the cycling public.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:42
A truy valuable assessment of this arbitration wold have to start way back with the rules setting it up and the determining the pool of arbiters, cover the pre-hearing procedures (lack of discovery, unassertive attitude of the panel, failure of USADA/WADA to produce ordered materials, selection of a WADA lab head as an "independent expert"), "the majority" interpretation of their powers and the "equal time" rule as well as the actual conduct of the hearing.

I have seen it touched on, but folks should be aware that if the panel had not ordered testing of the B's, then most of Landis' case would have been guesswork and speculation based on the incomplete record. The B testing gave his experts the opportunity to see it occur and provided the most damning evidence. In a relatively short time they pulled together an effective critique of the lab.

Ken ( said...

Ideally, Courtroom Video Network will keep the videos available permanently. If, however CVN, has no intention of making the videos permanently available on their site, I may be able to play host to the videos provided I have the proper legal sign offs from CVN. I have hundreds of GB of spare monthly traffic allocation and gigs of available disk space. As such I should be able to host these videos in their entirety for a minimum of expense. Especially considering their popularity will wain over time.

Alternatively, maybe someone could talk a law department of a university to host the videos.

Anonymous said...

I successfully downloaded all the archived videos from CVN. It is 3 Gigs of data. They are wmv format. Unfortunately, they are not indexed and I could not index all of them using Windows Media File Editor. You cannot fast forward or rewind the video if they are not indexed.

I have already burned a DVD with all the unindexed files and will be mailing it to TBV. I will spend another day or so "playing with freeware" to see if I can index the files I am having trouble with. I will send what I have indexed to TBV as well. Anyone have any suggestions?

We can breathe a little easier now, if the files disappear from CVN.

Anonymous said...

I've downloaded the videos from 5/18/07 PM through 5/23/07 PM in WMV format. Fast forward and reverse works fine in Windows Media Player. I've also download the slides for most of those days. But I haven't taken the time to figure out how/if I can sync the slides up. Someone (TBV?) should contact Floyd Fairness Fund to see if they can arrange permanent storage of the videos and slides.