Friday, May 18, 2007

Letter from FFF about Geoghegan

Henson sends...

May 18, 2007

Dear Floyd Fairness Fund Supporter,

In light of the news coverage of yesterday’s testimony at the Floyd Landis arbitration hearing, we are writing to clarify that Will Geoghegan, who served as Floyd’s business manager until being fired yesterday, had no formal role with the FFF.


Floyd’s legal team is making excellent progress validating our case in the courtroom and Mr. Geoghegan’s actions have created a sad and very regrettable distraction from the critical issues at hand. Mr. Geoghegan’s telephone call to Greg Lemond is distressing and deeply abhorrent to those of us who are devoting substantial time and resources to a cause focused on advancing justice and fairness – in our case for Floyd and all athletes subject to the WADA/USADA system. People who have suffered sexual abuse deserve support and counseling, and there is no excuse for any other approach to victims of abuse of any kind.

As the focus of the hearings returns to disproving WADA/USADA’s allegations against Floyd, we are confident that the facts and science will continue to bear public proof of his innocence. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Michael E. Henson
Executive Director

Brian J. Rafferty


Anonymous said...

I find it just as dispicable that GL used his traumatic experience as a bargaining chip in order to attempt to elicit a confession from FL. Absolutely sickening. Then, when a confession didn't come, he skewed Floyd's alleged statements to his benefit.

Greg Lemond is not above criticism in this instance. The idea of using the fact that you were molested as a tool to elicit a desired response makes me ill to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a believer in Landis, but that is a good and decent letter, and I think it reflects well on the Landis camp.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any apology for Floyd's forum post threatening Lemond. The FFF's sensitivity to sexual abuse issues rings very hollow and convenient indeed.

Anonymous said...

The letter admits that Geoghegan indeed called Greg Lemond.
And that, even if, Floyd Landis and Greg Lemond didn't turn out to become best friends, the official thesis is that Geoghegan did it all by himself, with no influence of any other person whatsover, in a fit of anger. But why?

Also, why did Floyd Landis share Greg Lemond's story with his "business manager"? Isn't it, because he is, as Greg Lemond asserted it, a old friend of Floyd Landis ?

Strider said...

Well, I must say, as someone who has a serious dislike of cyclists, that this is the most entertaining theatre of all. I certainly have been enjoying reading this blog and watching this story unfold.

Interesting that not only has a senior member of the Floyd camp made a very nasty attack on this Lemond person (a brother cyclist), but some of the people leaving comments above seem to think that this Lemond has been misusing his own traumatic experiences to 'get' our Floyd.

I think that Floyd was probably my favourite cyclist until now, because unlike a lot of others, he hasn't stalked any ex-wives or girlfriends (that I know of), unlike several Australian cycling champions. Therefore, he was probably the best of a very bad bunch.

This new stuff, well, maybe this does reflect very badly on Floyd, that he does not keep such sensitive confidences to himself, but instead blabs them out to his friend Will (who then uses it so cruelly).

But remember, at the end of the day, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT CYCLISTS, and not about ordinary decent people.

Anonymous said...

Will and Floyd have a long standing history. I believe Will told me they had been friends since they were kids.

Anonymous said...

I think that Floyd Landis needs to find new counsel- and perhaps create a new foundation.