Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hearing - Sat Afternoon Warmup

It looked like a good morning for USADA.

First, as Bill noted, an unpublished paper from Cologne was admitted on the premise that the agreement limiting discovery was things from LNDD, and since Cologne isn't LNDD, it's in, and using the Young Gambit, it was Landis's attorney's faults. Then, when challenged on not being peer reviewed, that it was accepted as part of a conference proceedings was good enough. Not published in a peer-reviewed journal -- a conference procedings, where almost anything goes.

The good Herr Doktor Professor said everything looked good in the doc pack to him, and that it was a positive. All the chromatographs were acceptable, and acceptable is good to him. His study of 18 subjects using gel was accepted as evidence, and 1/2 the subjects there were able to pass T/E screens.

Jacobs and Suh didn't seem to touch him. The one point the seemed to score was about tossing samples where the internal reference was out of whack, but Young took it right back in redirect.

The hallway buzz says we're starting late from lunch at 1:45, and that we'd be wise to be in our seats at the start. Which sounds kind of like we're not going to be seeing Catlin after lunch.


Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised these lawyers don't seem to know what peer-reviewed means. The arbs and the Landis team. If you work at a "good" lab and your subject is as topical as this one of course you get to present a paper at a conference. The journal editors are the ones who really go over research with a fine comb before they publish. How sad.