Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hue-Color Day 2

TBV is back at the play by play helm and for all of you who have never done this, his work is fast and accurate. He is an amazing and dedicated fellow. I'm pleased to be back at the color chair.

I have had some of the worst experiences of my judicial career with difficult interpretations of proceedings. When you get a good one, their value is clear. The replacement interpreter they brought in has done a fantastic job under challenging circumstances and the parties owe her a debt of gratitude.


We are all in the hearing room now because the Panel is letting us bring our laptops into the room. Each member of the Panel has their own bound volumes so the sheer number of binders behind them is diminished some because there are 3 duplicates up there. Brunet is chatting with Campbell some this afternoon. Campbell passed a note to McLaren and they shared a glance and a smile. That is nice to see.

Ms. Monongu indicates that until this weekend she didn't know she was involved in the Landis testing and that seems odd to me. We will see if Suh or Jacobs gets to the bottom of that.

Mr Dunn is handling the questioning for USADA for the first time. He cuts a sharper figure than Mr Young. His business card says on the back; "You have a voice, let it be heard!" and the front says he's been "Listening since 1980". The ironies that we see daily are often stunning. I wonder whether Floyd Landis would agree that USADA even appreciates much less encourages his voice to be heard.

There will be no cross today. An old trial lawyers technique is to run down the clock and leave the fact finder with the last examination over night. Ms Monongu seems very pleasant and of course she did nothing to erase data. She simply stopped and started tests over and over, for a variety of reasons, none her own. The files were over-written because of these things. That is what USADA would love to see the fact finder sleep on. Dunn summarizes the bottle mix-up and incorrect data and that she fixed the problem, re-running the data so it could be used. She copied the wrong line of text, a simple mistake in copying and then she pasted the text line, later. Why of course! And we rest with that leading summary of her testing. A classic.

Landis gets to question her tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


What you make of her comments that she doesn't follow cycling but answer the question that LANDIS cample was done correctly?

Do you expect Suh to ask her about this?

bill hue said...

I want to see what they ask her tomorrow.
It seems odd to me that she didn't know who Landis was or even that she was the one that did his analysis until this last weekend, when they apparantly bundled her up, threw her in the car and brought her to the airport to fly to Malibu from France.
She knows who Landis is now.

Brian said...

With all the pre-trial argument about deposing her in France or bringing her to America, it seems like she would have known before Saturday. On top of that a hole gang of people were there three weeks ago...who's stuff did she think she was processing then...Pope Benedict? I mean USADA was there. She knew it was Landis.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding work all the way around guys. The Play-by-Play and Color commentary are fantastic. I'm absolutely amazed and thrilled to be able to follow the action in such detail. Wow!!!