Tuesday, May 15, 2007

French Press: Last coffee of the evening and news from Paris

I expected the translation issue wouldn't pass unnoticed in France, and it provides a little light relief. Again, it is Eurosport that files this story which appeared on the TF1 web site:

Landis: translation problems

Testimony at American Floyd Landis' hearing Tuesday in Malibu from the first French-speaking technician from the LNDD at Ch√Ętenay-Malabry was interrupted for 45 minutes because of a problem with the translator.

On the second day of the hearing, Cynthia Mongongu (originally from the Congo) was called late in the morning by the three arbitrators of the American Arbitration Agency to testify as to her role in Landis' doping test. Faced with hesitations by the professional interpreter Pierre Debboudt--who claimed he was having trouble hearing--the Quebecois president of the panel, Patrice Brunet, initially proposed an adjournment for lunch.

Upon returning, Mr. Debboudt's hesitations continued to slow the examination and irritate all the participants. When the interpreter translated Mrs. Mongobgu's answer "a day and a half" as "an hour and a half," Mr. Brunet and one of Floyd Landis' lawyers then proposed to adjourn the session for more than an hour: the time it would take to bring in another interpreter.