Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Roundup

The Daily Camera has the trio of doping stories found in most publications this morning which include: Marion Jones asking for no jail time feeling she has been punished enough already, Justin Gatlin seriously considering an appeal of his 4 year ban, and finally the tentative scheduling of Floyd Landis' CAS appeal for March 19 in New York. ESPN provides more detail on Gatlin's possible multiple court challenges.

The CyclingNews says that investigators in Germany have rejected the claims of Werner Franke that everyone on the 2006 T-Mobile cycling team doped before and during the Tour de France, but they would be interested if Franke provides some specifics.

Windbriefs snarkily compares obscure Nordic skier Jim Kobak to Floyd Landis.

Frank and Michelle's Blog revisits 2007, the year in cycling, and finds that only time will allow the perspective to understand what it all really meant. Still, they saw enough to comment on the Landis case:

Floyd Landis was found guilty of doping during the 2006 Tour de France despite proving that the Ch√Ętenay-Malabry laboratory conducting the analysis of the samples deliberately broke protocol, destroyed data that produced negative results, and only kept data that produced positive results

My Bicycle Musings
finished the David Walsh book "From Lance to Landis" yesterday and wonders what constitutes drug use, does Peets count? He does know drugs are bad.

Silver Linings really wants to believe "fallen angel" Floyd Landis is telling the truth, and not just due solely to a distrust of the French.