Friday, January 04, 2008

The Rulebook says...

About Landis doing anything with Rock Racing while under suspension, we look at the USACycling Rulebook for "license" and find:

1A15. Licensees are persons holding Federation licenses, such as riders, officials, coaches, trainers, and mechanics. (page 8; who defines "such as"? )

1A23. Suspension is a penalty imposed under USA Cycling Policy IV in which a licensee is ineligible to participate in either international events or those of USA Cycling for a determined period of time. (page 9: what does it mean to "participate"?)

1G8. Registration; (b) Active participants in Category A races, including officials, riders, team managers, drivers, and mechanics, must hold a Federation license or a license from a governing body that is a member of UCI and must show such license at registration or when called upon to do so by race officials. (page 20. Who has to register?)

1I4. Chief Referee. (c) The Chief Referee has the power to penalize or recommend suspension of any licensee who refuses to obey instructions of officials or who commits other offenses. (page 22: can race officials say someone can't be in the car?)

3F12. Support Vehicles
(a) Each team may be followed by a motor vehicle having no more than four people aboard; a driver and a referee in the front seat and possibly a coach and a mechanic in back. The vehicle may carry spare wheels, repair materials, and up to four bicycles ready for use in case of a mishap. (page 73)

4F2. Registration. (b) In Category A races, every Team Manager must hold a valid license, which shall be submitted at registration. (page 83; who is a Team Manager?)

4H14 Caravan Violations. (d) Failure to respect instructions of commissaires or race administration. ... $35 to $150 find and vehicle sent to the back of the caravan for the duration of the stage and possibly for 1 to 3 stages depending on the severity. (page 92)

§9. Discipline
9.1 All Federation members who participate in an event held under a Federation permit, in any Federation administrative hearing or other official function of the Federation are subject to disciplinary action for misconduct.
9.2 Offenses
The following offenses shall be subject to suspension or lesser penalties:
(a) Flagrant or persistent violation of any USA Cycling Regulations that seriously damages the good name of USA Cycling, any of its associations or the sport of bicycle racing; (page 125; "damages the good name" defined how?)