Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Roundup

CyclingWeekly reports that Mario Cipollini finally signed with Rock Racing last night after much consternation and negotiation. He will help with team development and will ride in a number of events this year with the team, which has yet to find a bicycle provider.

Rant read a couple of recent interviews with interest, and heck it's too cold to go outside anyway. He felt Jonathan Vaughters made some salient points in his conversation with Bonnie Ford, and Rant could feel Floyd Landis' indignation in the VeloNews piece posted Friday. Floyd is right when he points out that those who make the rules MUST live by them as well.

Pommi's software is running faster, that's good. But he is riding slower, that's bad.

The Agitator
digs up a stale old chestnut.

Velo Vortmax says that WADA has morphed into an arrogant beast and if MLB wants an example of how to run an anti-doping program it needs to look elsewhere:

WADA seems eager to wage a new war with baseball with a new round of misleading statements about the anti-doping commitment of MLB. To quote Rob Manfred: "These continuing, unprovoked inaccurate publicity stunts by WADA have created an unwillingness to become more involved with WADA and it's affiliates. We were hopeful that false public statements by WADA would end with it's recent change in leadership and we are deeply disappointed that Mr. Fahey is showing the same counterproductive tendencies as his predecessor."