Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Roundup

The NY Times reports this morning that various prosecutors across the country are changing the way in which PED dealers are dealt with, they are making them partners in the fight against steroids:

Since then, prosecutors from San Diego to Rhode Island have been making deals with distributors to build their cases. The distribution networks for steroids are amorphous, unlike the traditional narcotics cartels led by strongmen. They thrive on the anonymity of the Internet, the discreet camaraderie of the locker room, and the reckless entrepreneurship of home laboratories and pharmacies.
“Our goal is to go after the bigger fish,” said Steve Robertson, a special agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration. “You start looking at other dealers, customers, things like that.”

The CyclingNews discusses the latest attempt by the UCI and various cycling federations to make nice. Apparently a compromise "special calendar" will be created. Stay tuned.

The Lufkin Daily News gives out the "Goofi" awards each year and for 2007 Will Geoghegan was nominated, along with a number of others, for the "prestigious" award. Don Imus was the eventual winner for obvious reasons.

Rant wonders what USADA is really up to in the "John Doe"/Kayle Leogrande case and points people here to read the discussion.

Racejunkie has found a bit of time to catch Team High Road start off its "martyrly season of morally superior drug free play". RJ also muses on other subjects which include the mugging Milram gave a poor sprinter, Ivan Basso staying in shape by riding charity events, and the whole Kayle Leogrande vs USADA dustup.

Ramblings of Jason finally took back that library book that was so overdue, wonder if he got a visit from Mr. Bookman? While there he took out "Positively False" and promises to let us know what he thinks of it.

Duckman was sick yesterday and watched a Stallone movie that might just get him moving. He is looking forward to the NUE series this year with some excitement now that Floyd Landis will be riding in it too. Duckman is of the opinion that he will only get one view of Floyd this year during the races.

Greenjersey wonders if USADA is going after Kayle Leogrande because of tattoo prejudice. Probably not, but the post contains a colorful quote from Michael Ball of Rock Racing.

Neil@Road ran into Floyd Landis again and after another suggestion that Floyd seek a "swashbuckling" career Floyd called Neil an "idiot", and then apparently took his advice. Who's the idiot now?


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