Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Roundup

The AP seems to have picked up Bill Hue's piece here of a few days ago, and noticed that the CONI investigations into Puerto are going to have implications for the Tour this year, since there is a stage in Italy. We're glad we could help.

NYT reports steroids investigations have now expanded to include "prominent entertainers", seeming to be mostly rappers and other urban soul artists. Uh, OK. This will change a lot of opinions about the positive role models entertainers are to da kids about substance (ab)use.

A commenter notes that it's still OK for college students to take stimulents for studying. Shouldn't Mr. Pound do something about that?

The Stockton Record says that Roger Clemens can thank Floyd Landis, among others, for the disbelief he faces from the American people who are tired of being taken for idiots by lying cheating athletes.

The CyclingNews spreads the news, again, that Floyd Landis' CAS appeal will start on March 19th, last for five days, and will be held in NYC. Why this is "new" news now is a mystery.

Rant's been paying attention to the various doping stories of the past few days and comments on several of them including Marion Jones' jail sentence, and the "interview" between USAC CEO Steve Johnson and Floyd Landis found at VeloNews.


Unknown said...

Interesting article from a student publication at a leading Welsh university:

Mike Solberg said...

I thought the same thing when I saw that AP story. That is too much of a coincidence if you ask me. Wtg, Bill. Where's the credit?