Thursday, April 12, 2007

USADA Document Request of April 3

Here are scanned pages of the document request USADA made through Holme Roberts and Owen on April 3rd. Click on each image for readable versions.

Page 1 is asking for Landis to identify the nature of his defenses to narrow their discovery. They think Landis has not been cooperating, so they feel they need to cast a wide net.

There is apparently an April 16th date for some response, set by the arbiters.

They do not believe they need to follow normal litigation instructions, and claim to be asking for good faith efforts to produce. They are not making interrogatories, but are willing to accept anything Landis would like to write down by way of answer and explanation.


Page 2 starts the specific requests.

[update: As USAToday SportScope notes, I've added quotes around "claims" because Landis has never made claims about these issues -- he's mentioned them as possible factors to be investigated]

1, 2; Medical records from Jan 2005 to Sept. 2006.

3. Evidence to support "claim" that CIR was related to thyroid condition.

4. Evidence to support "claim" that CIR was related to alcohol consumption.

5. Evidence to support "claim" that CIR was related to Cortisone.

6. Evidence to support "claim" that CIR was related to natural occurance.

7. All documents related to blood/urine tests performed by anyone other than USADA, UCI and Phonak.

Page 3

8. Anything related to defense based on supplements.

9. Contributors to Landis in amounts greater than $250.

10. Documents submitted to any government official.

11. Correspondence to the AFLD or CPLD.

12. Correspondence to the UCI.

13. Any comments Landis has made to anyone about USADA, WADA and USOC about any doping or anti-doping related matter.

Page 4

14. Names under which Landis posted on any internet message boards.

15. All posts, messages or correspondence on any message board by Landis.

16. Financial records of payments made by Landis or agents including Phonak on behalf of Landis to any medical personnel and/or trainer of any type, including Denise Demir, Allen Lim, Brent Kay and Luis Hernandes from Jan 2005 to now;

17. All documents on which Landis intends to rely for his defence not already produced on February 13th.



Anonymous said...

Sure hope there is a sugar daddy out there to help bury UCI and WADA et al. These guys are beyond control. I am rooting for Floyd

Anonymous said...

Now we know the true meaning of the term "roostered." Of course, we don't know of the correspondence going out to the USADA, so it's possible that the Landis team could be arrogant and making things difficult for themselves.

There's that possibility.

That said, I just donated to FFF to make sure that my total is above the limit that upsets the USADA now.

Unknown said...

Hmm...I was just thinking...we haven't heard from Dick Pound or Mr. Mcquaid in a long time....I wonder what they're thinking.

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

Yes, Pound's and McQuaid's restraint on this is pretty mind-boggling. They'll let loose with some zingers soon, I'm sure. Neither one can keep silent for that long.

Anonymous said...

Smaller contributions have been made in Ephrata. $250 is on the way to FFF via the website. USADA/TT can bite me and I'll be proud to be on the list of contributors. More letters and conversations with my Senators and House Rep to come asap. USADA has already shot themselves in the foot. Any victory will be hollow on their part. Too many people are watching. Go Floyd and best wishes! I'm sorry you drew the short straw for this sort of treatment.
Jeff from Newark, DE

Anonymous said...

Go Floyd...
With this you will receive more money, and next year you can buy all expensive PEDs and Fuentes or Ferrari's services !

Anonymous said...

Pat and Dick leave thought and consideration to us mere mortals. They are men of ACTION. I'm sure they'll just blurt something out before the neurons fire to pull it back in.