Friday, April 13, 2007

FFF Radio Spot

The FFF is about to start running this radio spot in various markets. USADA probably isn't going to appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

It looks like both sides are heading towards a "scorched earth" policy. Given the system, I don't think Floyd has much hope of winning his case. But I also think that USADA is going to wish it had never entered this fight. USADA won't be able to fly under the radar any more.

DBrower said...

Yeah, it's looking ugly. From the point of view of this story, Landis has already lost everything, and is sharing the love.

USADA has the power to make it stop, if the case really is as bad as Landis says it is.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Run that a few times in New York, Washington, LA, Seattle, and Chicago, and whew, that'll up the ante.

I'm glad the spot is less misleading that some of the stuff they have put out. This is practically tame by political standards.

So, when do you begin to wonder: "Would he really do this if he had doped?" Is there ever a time when that question becomes valid? Because, boy, it sure seems to me a guy would only do this if he was clean.

Anonymous said...

Another thought: does this have any non-PR purpose? Is there really anything Congress could do to change / impact the system at this point? That seems highly unlikely to me.

Could it make a difference for others in the future? Yes. But for Floyd right now? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Congress shouldn't have anything specific to say about the case in any way. However, as a body, they have been the primary funding source for USADA, on our (U.S. taxpayers)behalf. It seems to me that it would be fair and proper for certain members of congress to remind key USADA officials that they will be watching how the hearing, and events leading up to the hearing, are conducted, particularly with regard to ethics, fairness, respect for the rules (flawed as they are) in place, and an honest search for the truth. Floyd has a right to use any legal means at his disposal to make his case, especially in light of the rules being stacked against him. I hope this radio spot helps.

USADA can scorch the earth and railroad Floyd, but if they do, it will be at their own peril as an organization. My congressional representatives have committed to follow the hearing and also have concerns about several facits of the discovery process. I intend to keep reminding them to follow events and form their own opinions. Others in congress are just as, or more, interested. If USADA manufactures the result they desire and/or are seen as being more interested in their prosecutorial batting average (1000) than they are about a fair, correct, and just result, they can expect much less enthusiasm for their next budget funding request.

Too many people are watching for USADA to conduct business as usual. USADA doesn't seem to get it yet, but I hope they do before it's too late (perhaps it already is too late?). USADA's mission is an important one. It's also important that USADA not make itself irrelevant and under-funded by acts of railroading innocent athletes.

Jeff from Newark, DE