Monday, April 23, 2007

Landis Comments from Phone Press Conference

As passed on by Henson:

I want to begin by saying that I won the Tour Fair and Square.

Although I'm disappointed by yet another breach of athlete confidentiality,
I'm not surprised to hear of a leak of unsubstantiated test results to
L'Equipe. This is just another example of the anti-doping authorities acting
in complete and total disregard of athletes' rights. In fact, this leak
affirms the total lack of ethics within the ant-doping world, specifically
with regard to the LNDD and USADA. Much like the recent Ian Thorpe case,
this represents a massive failure on the part of WADA to manage the critical
fight against doping. In any other industry or field, their failures would
be construed as criminal negligence.

We have seen no scientifically valid data emerge from the LNDD. The reports
from our observers ­ when they were'¹t severely restricted by USADA and the
LNDD ­ strengthens our arguments against the Stage 17 testing. Moreover, new
egregious issues have been revealed that will come to light in due course.

Considering the history of gross negligence and scientific malfeasance at
the lab, it is amazing to me that the behavior of USADA and LNDD in
preventing our expert witnesses from attending this illegal re-testing ­
and commencing the retesting without an independent panel appointed expert
present ­ could be considered fair or unbiased. Based on this behavior, we
are looking at potentially deliberate falsification of results and the
willful destruction of evidence.

As before, I have again been thrust into a position where I must answer for
the specious results issued by lab that we have contended for months should
have been suspended by WADA. I invite the media to ask Mr. Bordry of the
AFLD if any of the issues in the lab that we have pointed out over the past
nine months have been addressed or corrected. I would suspect that the
answer is "no."

Per Pat McQuaid, and relative to the case of testing Lance Armstrong's "B"
samples from the 1999 Tour de France, the UCI defended Armstrong¹s position
against the LNDD and WADA due to the complete lack of safeguards in the
testing process. Now, based on reactions to the latest developments in my
case, we will know if this represents a UCI cover up at the highest level or
a search for truth.

end of statement from Landis.