Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Roundup

Floyd Landis did a brief interview during coverage of the US Open Cycling Championships on NBC this afternoon with Al Trautwig, Bob Roll, and John Eustice. Floyd reiterated that his May USADA hearings will be public, without mention what media outlet would provide coverage. He also expressed some concern over the hearing process itself, but is adamant that his experience results in change in that process. The outstanding quote of the session was made in response to an Al Trautwig comment that not one mention is made on the official Tour de France web site about who won last year's race, it's as if it never took place. To this Floyd replied, "That's one way to deal with it." (See "Inaccuracies" in Blogs below).

Trautwig finished the interview as they were going into a commercial break by saying , "Floyd Landis; tested positive after the Tour de France, and now saying he's innocent- it will all play out in May." Indeed.

Inaccuracies is disturbed and feels that NBC did not fully check the Tour de France web site for last year's results and thinks they may be just plain lazy.

Pommi's Easter post has a cartoon not to be missed... and some reflections on the Morzine stage.

Pommi references an article from "Men's Journal" which surmises that even though the popular perception may be that Floyd Landis is guilty of using PEDs, it is actually USADA who may be on the defense:

The article talks about the upcoming USADA hearing, and that while the media and most observers have already proclaimed Landis guilty, it may actually be the USADA being on the defense. The hearing will be open to the public as per Landis' request, and his lawyers will not only attack the credibility of LNDD but also USADA's rules. Lindsey lists four contentions why Landis "could walk":
  1. wrong sample: the '995474' vs '994475' mixup
  2. faulty machinery: improper operation, antiquated software
  3. bad protocol: same techs involved in A and B sample analysis
  4. ambiguous rules: the fact that only reading for only one metabolite were out of range

Team LandRover got an abbreviated report from his Dad on today's US Open Cycling Championships from Richmond, VA, and is just glad that no one was inebriated and immolated.

Scott of the Racing Space is home and recovering from his BHR operation on Monday. he marvels at Floyd Landis' very quick recovery from th
e same surgery last September.

My Observations blurbs today's US Open Cycling Championships in Richmond and notes that they will be televised on NBC at 2:30 PM EDT and that Floyd Landis is in attendance. Better to watch the race at home since the weather there at this time is less than desirable, 37F with snow!!

Fat Cyclist shares the pre-emptive news that the 2007 winner of the Tour de France is a doper, according to WADA. The logic is inescapable. (tip o' the hat to Jeremy)

The Internal Pigdog
appreciates the attitude of the Kenyan marathoners and can't wait to see the "Chasing Kimbia" web project completed. He also sees that same hard work ethic in Floyd Landis.

Scott Henderson Illustrations in Dirt Rag found the most difficult thing,other than the faces of course, in his Lance Armstrong vs Floyd Landis cartoon was who to root for.

Gathkinsons watched the race on the Tivo, and saw Landis talk with Bobke and the others in the booth, and is looking forward to the hearings. Gives us a plug, too.

Recovox still hasn't posted the promised video interview, and a couple of comments we've made about it seem to have vanished. Paige posted hers -- what up dudes?

Thought for the Day

In each moment, you can choose where to focus your attention and your energy. Seek to keep your focus as positive as possible, and you'll move steadily in the direction of your dreams. -rm-


Anonymous said...

What's up with the site, TBV? I don't have any links on the right hand side.

Cheryl from Maryland said...

Here in Maryland about 2.5 hours north of the U.S. Open Cycling Championships, it has stopped snowing and the pavement is dry. No word yet from the local radio stations or the Richmond news websites about the race beyond Velo News' 1 hour delay.

If the Championship is televised, I will be waxing nostalgic as they depart from my alma mater, William and Mary, where I spent a happy four years tooling around on my 10-speed.

strbuk said...

Hey Cheryl, here in Jamestown, NY we have 17" on the ground and more to come :-( . Just think last week my husband was out on his bike every day!!


Anonymous said...

1 Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics
2 Pat McCarty (USA) Slipstream
3 Alejandro Borrajo (Arg) Rite Aid

I had the shivering pleasure of watching from Libby Hill park.
Big screen on the park added a lot!
NBC said it was 18 degrees in Wmsbg at start but maybe that was wind chill temp, more like 33 or so from what I can tell of wx sites.
Last lap I made a bit appearance cheering!
Russ Mechanicsville, VA