Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday Roundup

The Sac-Bee ,registration may be required, has printed an extensive interview with Floyd Landis by free lance journalist James Raia. Titled "I'm Not Going Away, Ever" it explores the Landis case, why fans should or should not believe him, how things are going on the homefront, and what will be happening in the hearings to be held in a little more than a month:

Q: When your test results were announced and you were accused of doping, why didn't you scream and holler from the first day? I saw that great look of defiance on your face, as did everyone else, when you won Stage 17. I think people knew then that even this nice, quiet guy could get angry. So, if you didn't do what you're accused of doing, why didn't you get on a mountaintop and scream?

A: I would hope you just don't believe me because you look at me and I say, "I didn't do it." Please don't do that. There's plenty of more information and reason for you to believe me. We've put together everything we have available to us, and there's at least an adequate explanation to why people should take a look at this, the evidence against me. In my opinion, that's far more important than people taking a look at me and saying, "I don't think he did it." I hope you don't just believe everything someone tells you because you'd be confused. I don't want anyone to believe me because they think, That guy couldn't possibly have done it. That's not good logic. And it's not necessary in this case because there's scientific evidence. And in the beginning, I wasn't given any of the evidence about what I was being accused of doing. I could have gotten mad, but I was tired at the end of the Tour. It's hard to even get mad at that point. I don't know if anyone can relate to that. But it's almost impossible to deal with that kind of thing because you don't want to even be talking to anyone, let alone talking to the whole world about something to which you know nothing about. If people fault me for not getting angry, I don't know what to say about that. If I would have gotten angry, it wouldn't have solved anything. Here we are, nine months later -- I still don't have all the evidence against me, but I'm doing my best to educate people who want to know what the truth is. I have no desire for people to believe me just because they think I'm a good person. For me, that wouldn't make me feel good. I would hope that people would think it through further than that.

The Salt Lake Tribune
laments the demise of several cycling events recently within the United States, and the Floyd Landis PED scandal gets part of the blame.

Fixedgear went to Richmond to see the US Open Cycling Championships and saw Floyd Landis at Stool Pigeons. He feels the race promoters were shrewd in using Floyd to promote the race during interviews in which he was pleading his case.

The FredCast posts the speeches of Chris Fortune of Saris and Kozo Shimano from the recently held National Bike Summit. Fortune also introduces his special guest Floyd Landis, whose remarks and Q&A are also featured. Floyd's questioners may be hard to hear, but the answers are clear.