Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday Roundup

No word on Landis's hip surgery,
even if it was started. If you hear anything, please send me mail. Still nothing at 10:00 PT, and I'm going to bed. Hope for good news tomorrow.

Landis Cheated, says ASO head Clerc, in L'Equipe interview quoted by IHT. ASO owns the Tour. He obviously didn't get the memo from USADA and WADA to stop shooting his mouth off about the case. Lead provided by Raymond at Topix.

Rehash in VeloNews about hip, USADA/ADRB

Dugard talks briefly about the hip, saw Floyd yesterday defiant and ready. He says cryptically at the end,
"Let me just say that I know more now than I did before, and that I'm confident he'll be exonerated." Isn't that tantalyzing.

Michigan Tech Lode wishes well on hip, happy birthday (soon), and doubts the lab.

Download/Print edition of BikeBiz editorializes about how it would be good for the industry for an innocent Landis to be redeemed, and covers last week's call with Mr. Pound. Plugs TBV. Thanks, Carlton!

An intriguing email offers some possible details of gross errors alluded to by Jacobs that were seen in the Lab Documentation Package. The ISL protocol for corrections on forms requires a crossout that is initialled by the person making the change along with the change. Many of the forms in the pack are properly corrected in this way, by people familiar with the protocol. However, some of the forms contain changes that are not done properly -- there is white-out over the "error", with a "correct" value filled in, and no attribution of who made the change.

The source prefers to remain anonymous, but it sounds like credible information that will be easily proven when the package is released or shown as evidence at hearing.

We don't know if these changes were made in documentation of the chain-of-custody, or in substantive parts of the test protocol. In any event, they show that the lab has at least some people who are not correctly versed in the proper protocols. This casts doubt on whether they do other things correctly according to the ISL and the testing protocols.


Anonymous said...

Michigan tech lode link no-worky

Unknown said...

Floyd and I actually share the same birthday...except I am a year older.

James Dixson

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

Try this link:

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Proper documentation of error correction (e.g., lining out the original entry in a way that still renders it readable, signing your correction with an explanation as to why its necessary, and forbiding the use of 'white out') is a basic requirement for proper laboratory records.

I work in the pharma industry, and if I were doing an audit of a lab and I found that kind of stuff, it would certainly show up as a major finding in my report.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Burt,

If the FDA came through a lab and found this, there would be some serious explaining needed.