Monday, September 18, 2006

Mr. Pound's Boss

According to WADA

WADA is composed of a Foundation Board, an Executive Committee, and several Working Committees.

The 36-member Foundation Board is WADA’s supreme decision making body. It is composed equally of representatives from the Olympic Movement and governments, as is the 12-person Executive Committee

WADA Foundation Board delegates the actual management and running of the Agency to the Executive Committee, including the performance of activities and the administration of assets.

The WADA Foundation incorporation statute is located here. From this we learn that,

  • The Foundation Board (FB) is self-organized, and appoints its own chair and vice-chair.
  • The FB must meet at least once a year, meetings called by the chair.
  • The chair must call a meeting on written request of five members.
  • At a meeting, members may ask questions, but it is not clear if they may make proposals.
  • The FB appoints the executive committee.
  • Decisions are made by absolute majority of those present, with chair deciding any ties.
  • Appointments to the executive commitee require 2/3 vote of those present.
  • The FB supervises the committee or persons entrusted with running the Foundation.
  • The FB chair and vice-chair automatically hold those posts on the executive board.

The Foundation Board consists of these 36 people:

CHAIRMAN Mr Richard W. POUND, Q.C, IOC Member , Canada
VICE CHAIRMAN Mr Brian MIKKELSEN, Minister of Sports, Denmark

Dr Robin MITCHELL, IOC Member, Fiji
Prof. Arne LJUNGQVIST, IOC Member, Sweden
Mr Patrick CHAMUNDA, Zambia
Mr Richard YOUNG, USA
Sir Craig REEDIE, United Kingdom
Prof. Eduardo Henrique DE ROSE, Brazil
Dr Tamas AJANI, Hungary
Mr Mustapha LARFAOUI, Algeria
Mr Francesco RICCI BITTI, Italy
Mr Gian Franco KASPER, Switzerland
Mr Anders BESSEBERG, Norway
Dr Alexander POPOV, Russian Federation
Ms Charmaine CROOKS, Canada
Ms Rania Amr ELWANI, Egypt
Ms Beckie SCOTT, Canada
Sir Phil CRAVEN, United Kingdom
Dr Hans Bernhard BEUS, Germany
Ms Tanja SAARELA, Finland
Mr Vyacheslav FETISOV, Russian Federation
Mr Terry DAVIS, France
Hon Bala Bawa KA’OJE, Nigeria
H.E. Mr Makhenkesi Arnold STOFILE, South Africa
Mr Yahia GUIDOUM, Algeria
Mr Michael D. CHONG, Canada
Hon Anthony WOOD, Barbados
Mr Claudio MORRESI, Argentina
Dr. Kamal AL-HADIDI, Jordan
Mr Hiroshi HASE, Japan
Mr Duan SHIJIE, China
Ms Datuk Azalina Othman SAID, Malaysia
Prof. David F. GERRARD, New Zealand
Senator the Honorable Rod KEMP, Australia
In order to fire Mr. Pound, it appears necessary to get five members to write a letter, then have a majority vote of those who attend. A more careful reading might suggest that the members could not raise the issue as a question, but this would make it impossible for the board to supervise those running the Foundation. S imilarly, since such a decision would affect the executive board membership, perhaps the 2/3 vote rule could be invoked. However, that rule is tied to appointments, not terminations. I'd argue it only affects selection of the replacement.