Friday, September 08, 2006

Floyd Speaks, Demands Dismissal Friday morning posts an announcement they will be demanding a dismissal of the case before the USADA. The request will be filed as part of the formal response to the lab reports on Monday. An answer from USADA should be made within a week. If the dismissal request is denied, Landis is repeating his demand for a public hearing.

370-plus pages of Lab packs were received on August 31. They must have contained lots of ammunition. Jacobs is not talking about the details, but will need to on Monday. Skeptics say that Jacobs always talks like this, then his clients lose, so the filing is where the cards will really be shown.

Comments on the Landis blog are still closed.

Floyd interviewed in La Jolla by NBC San Diego (with video) Thursday night before announcement Friday AM. Says he's feeling hopeful, good news is coming, people have been fair.

Covered by VeloNews, mostly blog post verbatim; also by BikeBiz,, and by the Boulder Report (who notes Ivan Basso killed JonBenet), CyclingNews.

I am firmly corrected about proper use of technical language in the process, with good quotes from the applicable code for description of what the USADA Review Board is doing and now needs to decide. The Boulder Report compares it to a grand jury, which is wrong (see about me). At a grand jury, there is no opportunity to defend, and with the Review Board, the accused gets to make a response to the folio of evidence.

TBV CURRENT STATUS page has been updated, changes bold faced.