Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Roundup


Rumour of the Day

The ADRB couldn't get the lab reports translated, so they passed the case on without considering the merits. [anonymous email]
It is confidence inspiring to hear resources were in place, ready and able to do a proper job handling one of the most important and controversial cases in USADA history. With the long delay in production of the reports, there is no way USADA could have been caught flatfooted by their arrival in Boulder. The dates in the announcement letter also show how prepared they were, because they clearly prepared two letters on the 15th in advance of the ADRB phone conference on the 18th so the decision could be swiftly reported. Bra-vo!


At Topix, DNA tests are suggested to resolve any identify problems with the chain-of-custody..

Rant discusses the future of the case, anticipating a period of quiet. He mentions some other things he may find tickling his sense of injustice during the calm.

SlowTwitch Sunday catches up on the case.

TBV's anonymously commenting prognisticator repeats previous claims that Basso will walk, Ullrich gets nailed, and Floyd blood-doped.


Anonymous said...

As I said earlier in one of my posts here: Basso is about to be cleared, Ullrich banned for life, and Landis used tainted blood while blood-doping. That's why they're hoping to get him off (i.e. they're trying to show that he didn't dope with testo because the tests might be construed to be inconclusive on that - and blood doping cannot be proven).
The pro world already knows what will happen, except it's not official yet. Now look for Basso to sign with Discovery.

Basso to be cleared

The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) will likely not be sanctioning Ivan Basso in relation to the Operacion Puerto affair, reports De Telegraaf. According to the article, CONI has not found enough proof to proceed in the case.

UCI president Pat McQuaid said that if Basso is cleared by CONI, the UCI would take the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. "It's ridiculous that CONI is closing the case, because the investigation of the Guardia Civil is not yet finished," he said.

Cheryl from Maryland said...

Okay, I'm generally suspicious of anonymous sources, but this rumour is too juicy to pass by. Your source tells us that the USADA was not prepared to read a report from the LNDD outside Paris in French??? That is "Insert Oedipal Ephithet Here" rich!! Who's running this, Looney Tunes?