Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Roundup

Interview w/pics at USAToday. Floyd says his hip was getting worse, fast. [from emailer Paula]

Floyd goes walkering, Kay goes riding, in picture from AP via Yahoo. Also in front of his stuffed lions. That's a big scar. Hincapie has nothing on Floyd anymore. [tip of the hat to emailer Paula]

Seeing the 'F' shirt and those lions, I'm reminded of Super Chicken's assistant: You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Floyd. This reference will go right past him, having been deprived of high culture and 479 channels of reruns as a child. TBV clearly mis-spent his youth.

Testosterone effects debated by Scientists; Operating on USADA time, StLouis today publishes an NYT feature dated 2-Oct-2006, as we write on Sept. 30. UCLA's Catlin among others is quoted, and there is an anchor in the Landis case.

Interview with Mr. Pound at, managing to sound like they are on it and the science and practice of testing is well founded. He drags in Landis as an example without pronouncing guilt, while implying nothing could possibly have gone wrong in the tests. They were double-checked and cross-checked after all. Medscape wants him to say they can catch everyone, but he is coy about that, only saying they are getting better. Warns against side effects of "designer" drugs.

Velochimp talks about Floyd's re-emergence into the public eye.