Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

AFP (repeated many places) carries word that Mr. Pound is backing LNDD, saying WADA has no reason to think the lab is "sub-par." It is fully accredited, and goes through many "stringent quality-checks."

Chicago Trib's Philip Hersch think the leaks are trouble to the ADAs, and passes on Mr. Pound's statement in support of LNDD. At the end,

And doubt always will remain because some people always will be inclined to believe either the lab or Landis, no matter what the arbitrators say. Only Landis knows the truth, and he could be telling it all along. Or he could be among the dozens of athletes who swear their innocence even after all reasonable doubt is gone.

The Floyd Fairness Fund has announced another of its' FFF Town Hall Fundraisers. This one will take place in San Diego, CA on May 7, 2007 at Hawthorns starting at 6PM. Registration may be made on line from the event page.

The Fort Wayne News Sentinel prints a column by Aaron Sagers telling us to not only have faith in fictional good guys, but that some real guys who may need the benefit of the doubt, like Floyd Landis, can be heroes too.

The VeloNews reports that Oscar Pereiro is ramping it up now for the Tour de Romandie. He could be named Tour de France winner if Floyd Landis loses his battle with WADA/USADA at his May 14th arbitration hearing to be held at Pepperdine University.

Bicyling's Bounder Report considers lifting the gag rule, with pointed discussion of the Landis case. Joe Lindsey is not pleased about the way Floyd has worked the PR imbalance. Lindsey wants a search for truth, not posturing. He seems to accept tha truth and openness are USADA's interests -- Tygart says so. We have our reservations.

Science Fiction Twin is
writing the introductory text for a book on exercise science, and was sad to see cycling and the use of PEDs mentioned in the chapter on ethics. The "can of worms" that is also known as the Landis case, was not mentioned by name , but the culpability in doping by team owners, sponsors, and society in general and how the cheating athlete is viewed were touched upon.

Rant knows that life is largely the luck of the draw, and most of us don't have to live that draw out in public, as Floyd Landis has had the misfortune to do.

Throwing Smoke is happy to see "insane" French soccer fans take some of the limelight away from the Floyd Landis spectacle.

Dugard talked to someone in Landis' inner scrum, and says the hearing is going to be war.

Potholes and Roadapples is irked to come back from a vacation and read about the B sample testing. He concludes:

The proceeding next month seems like a foregone conclusion. There is no longer any pretense of justice. And appeals, possibly meant to exhaust Landis’ financial resources, seem guaranteed.

Kritische burgers (Dutch) says Landis is the new Eddy Merckx, but not in a good way, and adds (charming machine translation):

Floyd Landis have Lance Armstrong and George Bush on its side.

With such friends need you for the french no more enemy.

This is a QoD candidate. Use the babelfish for a full translation, Also for...

Eye (the sports)zeil (Dutch), which says we should let Landis keep the title even if he doped.

Mel Phillips Remembers, the good, bad, and ugly this week. And he chimes in with today's first snark when he says that Floyd Landis never met a urine test he didn't fail.

Kieran's Space was listening to Newstalk last week the subject being doping in cycling. He decided that a response was needed, as he pointed out that when Floyd Landis won the Tour de France last summer it barely got a mention, but when Floyd allegedly tested positive for PEDs it got the front page.

Strider, who really dislikes all things cycling, looks into the history of cyclists doping in his Ozzy homeland and thinks there's plenty to be upset about there too. Floyd Landis is no Robinson Crusoe, alone, because all cycling is on Gilligan's Island.

Mud Sweat and Gears
likes Floyd Landis' old sponsor BMC's new Road Racer.

The Daily Spin contains a number of Landis news links along with some on general cycling .

Sac State Hornet
opinion piece evokes Landis to tell cyclists to slow down on a bridge used by pedestrians.

Pommi gets a visual dig in at Will @ topix (our #1 fan)

Shmicks in Eugene is worried about his second marathon, but uses Floyd Landis' performance last summer at the Tour de France as inspiration, though he seems to have mixed up the bonk day with the amazing ride day.

The FredCast pod cast for the week of April 30 includes news on Floyd Landis' supposed positives found at the LNDD last week.

Over at the DPF discussion continues in the "Whistleblower/Hacker" thread.

Thought of the Day
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Floyd is also coming to San Luis Obispo, CA on the 5th:

Of course, that's the day of the Wildflower triathlon. Damn!

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I think you missed one of the "better reading blogs" for all of April, that you linked to regularly in previous months.