Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Hearing Warmup

The sun is coming up and the ants, including us, are are descending on Pepperdine University. There are signs along the driveway for "Floyd Landis/USADA Arbitration", up to the parking lot, which is reserved for the hearing. Across the street, following more signs, down the stairs, up a corridor, and right. On the left is a working media room, and on the right is the Mock Courtroom.

Courtroom on the top, press room in Class F, overflow in class G. Landis attorneys in Student Offices, USADA attorneys in Law Review, and the Panel in the Moot Court Board room.
(from the Pepperdine Law floor plan)

It's posh, being the pride of a well endowed Law school. Behind the bar, there's 5 rows of seats, and a center aisle. Like a wedding, there are reserved seats, with the front two rows on the left for Landis, and two on the right for USADA. Behind that is a row for Pepperdine, which might include some members of the lucky public, then a row for the press. Finally, a short row on the left for technical help (the wheelchair block), and on the right, some seats for USOC and AAA.

View from the witness

View from behind the bar.

We're told there are about 60 media people representing around 30 outlets. The outlets will be competing for the one row of seats in the courtroom.

Press room; TBV is set up. Where is everyone else?

Further on the left is an overflow room, which is probably where more of the public can go. Both the working media room and the overflow room have video projectors and sound of the pool feed. There's internet of dubious quality, and a guy running around trying to get the other access point working.

Webcast info is now available.


strbuk said...

Hang in there TbV we are waiting for your reports with bated breath!!


Thomas A. Fine said...

Will you be providing ongoing commentary? Something like the text-only live coverage we get for the races?

"8:15 Landis enters room, grey suit, power tie, looking confident"

"8:22 Richard Young comes in. His fly is open. Spills coffee in his lap."

Will we see that sort of thing?


daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

9:35 Matthew Barnett runs in, totally disheveled. Blames traffic and apologizes for being late. Says he hopes the panel hasn't already announced its verdict.


- Rant

pommi said...

"9:37 Dick Pound walks in in sits down between Brunet and McLaren"

bill hue said...

Bill here,
we are both on site.
I think we will play it by ear this morning.
FL just arrived.
Lawyers are here.

Anonymous said...

is the streaming working for anybody yet? there don't seem to be links at either site...

Debby said...

I couldn't find the links on the sites yet, but that's OK. I will get no work done today if that's in the background.

Thanks TBV and Bill for being there. It makes me feel better hearing news directly from you two.

MMan said...

"9:37 Dick Pound walks in in sits down between Brunet and McLaren"

"...and entering are three surprise witnesses dressed in scuba gear and swastikas ..."

is the streaming working for anybody yet? there don't seem to be links at either site...

Nothing for me, either

Anonymous said...

minor point, but its driving me crazy, its not a fence, its the Bar, as in Bar Association.

Otherwise, great job with the diagram and pictures for that "you were there" feeling.


marc said...

The streaming page through says the video will be available after the session is ended. Is that everyone's idea of how this is supposed to work? I can't even find the link through


marc said...

Is there a carnival atmosphere surrounding the hearing site? Vendors? Is it true that Dr. Fuentes is working a stand with a bunch of refrigerators from which he's selling--by blood type--bags of "really strong blood" at prices meant to move quickly?


Julie said...

You can see it live, go to and login, enter the user name and password, click on USADA v. Floyd Landis.