Thursday, May 17, 2007

Landis / Lemond background

What happened between them?

Right after the A positive leaked, Lemond talked publicly how disappointed he was, and how Landis should come clean.

As far as we can tell, sometime in August, either before or after the B sample results were announced (accounts vary), Landis called Lemond out of the blue, to talk about what Lemond was saying publicly.

The undisputed account of this is that Lemond told Landis something that Landis didn't really want to hear, and which we probably know now.

What Landis told Lemond is open to discussion.


Lemond made occasional references to this call in ways that bothered Landis. In November, in a thread talking about Lemond, Landis made a pointed post on DPF telling Lemond to shut up. This is the post mentioned in testimony today.

I noticed this a few minutes after it happened, and tacked what seemed like the most pertinent quote in that day's roundup.

Not long after, I had a message on my cell from Landis saying, "boy you sure got that up fast, give me a call when you get a chance." When I called back, his phone was busy, and I left a message.

A while later, I got another message from Landis -- starting, "Greg, er..." saying to give him a call. I did later that evening, and we talked. He said between messages, he'd talked to Lemond, and they'd agreed to lay off each other, and until today, or yesterday, that truce had seemed to hold.

The next day, there were some followups to Landis's post, and not long thereafter, DPF crashed, and was down for perhaps a day.

When it came back, it was on a different server, running backups from about two days before -- having deleted Landis's post in the thread about Lemond, and many other posts as well.

There were cries of "conspiracy" at the time, but the post was retrieved from TBV here, and a new thread was started on DPF to silence the conspiracy theorists.

This is the restarted thread at DPF.

You will find there a contemporary discussion of events that, sadly, is still relevant.


pem said...

Nothing “new” has been revealed to me yesterday, to cause me to sway from my belief that Landis is innocent. There is no reason to believe Landis was involved with the phone call Geoghegan made to Lemond the night before his testimony. It appeared that Landis’ defence team was caught off guard as much as everyone else was during Lemond’s testimony about the call.

I do not believe Landis can speak publicly at this time due to the arbitration process, but if he was not involved with the call Goeghegan made, he must somehow reveal it to the public. The phone call display showed the time of the call. If Landis was in the company of others at the time of the call, they must speak up to distance Landis form Goeghegan’s poorly judged actions.

Landis’ “threatening” post on DPF started with “I used to believe that a private call was the best way to deal with public slander.” That is what I would expect if I make a call – a private conversation. Who knows how and what Landis said to Lemond. He could have been playing Devil’s Advocate or have been very sarcastic, and Lemond may have interpreted this as a confession.

Landis has kept his head high, and did not disclose any dirt about Lemond publicly, although it may have been very tempting at times. Landis would have had to discuss the context of the phone call to his defence team, including Goeghegan, to prepare for Lemond’s testimony. So, the information was out to a select few and perhaps only recently did Landis reveal it to his team, but Landis was not the one to reveal it publicly.

Still trusting...but waiting for verfication.

TBV and Mr. Hue:

Keep your heads high and continue with your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Thaks for all the work involved in digging this out and putting it together.