Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hue -The Human Side

Floyd walking outside the Law School all alone 10 minutes before the hearing.

Christopher Campbell's daughter all dressed up to watch her daddy work and wondering why daddy doesn't get to talk at all.

Floyd's dad in the long cafeteria lunch line talking about his love of submarine sandwiches.

Amber Landis getting a dozen sandwiches from the cafeteria, as well.

Floyd's mom asked by a reporter what she thaught about the proceedings and answering cheerfully that she doesn't know about such things but does know about cooking and cleaning.

Dr Kay shlepping to his car to get a stack of CD-Roms to use that night.

Floyd's "look" at Larry Bowers, the person who was identified as the USADA rep that tried to keep the Landis camp from getting the information concerning the over-written portions of the LNDD testing files.

Larry Bowers, USADA Attorney called out by Suh, takes his seat.