Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hue- The Human Side Day 4

Two of the nicest people here had lunch with each other yesterday, Floyd's mom and the Translator Martitia Palmer. When Floyd's mom isn't cleaning up around the building (seriously-she was seen in the women's room, wiping water marks from the floor and throwing paper toweling into the trash), she is a pleasant presence in an otherwise dog eat dog environment.


Ms Palmer was finishing up on a movie project she was helping translation with and had just put her feet up at home when "the call" came in. She rushed over to Pepperdine to help and and barely had time to catch her breath before she set out to work in a trial filled with obscure scientific terminology. She is an actress as well. Many people in this area carry on with dual vocational roles. She was a little late today but with an actresses flair, made a dramatic entrance two seconds after Mr Brunet called a recess to see where she was.

Landis has 15.2 hours and USADA 16 hours left so his cross is taking longer than the direct. The Panel ordered that the disputes yesterday were to be subtracted equally from both parties' time rather than not being counted at all.

Today, Mr. Campbell came in early to set up his station and he walked down the hallway with Mr Brunet prior to the start of the hearing.

Dr Davis has shaved and has a collered shirt on. He has taken Amber's seat next to Floyd's parents in the row behind the lawyer's table and Amber had to find a seat in the first row behind the bar.

Today, USADA is drinking Arrowhead water. I understand they are reading my "insightful" observations! LOL!!

Landis is a man in black today, black suit, shoes, tie and shirt.


Anonymous said...

Question here regarding Mongonu: She tested the original S17 A sample, but she only signed off on the S17 sample tests. Which B samples was she working on when she complains about Scott "accosting" her? The S17 B or the other Bs tested last month.

bill hue said...

The additional "B" samples tested in april of this year.

Anonymous said...

Question about the process and the times quoted at the beginning of this. Are the times listed for the entire hearing, or for the first part, USADA's presentation of their evidence?

Do they get a new bunch of time when it's the Landis team's turn?

And if not, how do they budget for the time needed for USADA's second try at it if we have the 3rd burden shift? You'd hate to save time for something that didn't happen, but if you spend enough time to make sure it does happen, you could be out of luck with no time to respond at the end.


Anonymous said...

The preoccupation with timing is both amusing and distressing. This isn't a basketball game, it's a quasi-trial and it is too easy to manipulate the other side's time. We saw that yesterday with the tech. She followed counsel's orders: Answer yes or no, don't volunteer anything and, unless you absolutely remember something, say you don't recall. She onnly was precise on what they prep'd her for. Some technical questions she could not avoid without looking like an amateur and that led to the 44/45 issue.

The timing obsession simply adds to the impression that this is a railroading that has to be brought in on time.