Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hue - Day 3 Afternoon Observations

Suh is doing a masterful job at cross examination of Ms Mongongu as did Jacobs. They are a highly effective team. USADA's team always seems to be playing defense and if they want to find their footing, they really have to get going, unless it doesn't really matter. We shall see.

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Each side only has 25 hours, remember and a great deal of that time has been spent struggling with Ms Mongongu. It is not likely more time will be allocated so it stands to reason that less time will be spent with one or more other witnesses.

The Panel will now make its first ruling as Suh has decided to terminate his cross examination because the witness said she needed to see a document to interpret a chromatogram and Suh says he asked for such documents but has never received them. In a very condescending tone, USADA's lawyer (one we have not heard from so far) says Landis' attorneys agreed everything they received is everything they needed. Suh seems almost livid in response. Now Young says the electronic data reprocessed documents do that for them. Larry Bowers has now gone down to the well and USADA's counsel table to help out.

Young now has put something up on the overhead to help the witness point to something that is all she needs to know to answer the question. That guy is a P-R-O. In the meantime-condescending man continues to try to jam Suh with a letter he wrote which has nothing to do with the topic at hand. McLaren speaks again and invites a conference. Mr Campbell started to ask Suh something but Suh was very upset and Campbell leans back and has been silent.

Brunet calls a recess and invites a conference with the Panel later.

Condescending man is Matthew Barnett, an associate of Young's and the author of the letter demanding the FFF contributor list, all Landis' internet postings and identification of all contacts Landis has made with Public officials.


Anonymous said...

does this mean that if any of the usada witnesses obfuscate that the time penalty goes against Landis?

bill hue said...

They are doing a countdown on each side's own examination. but if a witness delays, you are correct, the time goes against the party examining at that time.

Anonymous said...

"Each side only has 25 hours"

In a case, with this many issues and complexities, it's hard to understand why they would settle on that when Floyd's butt is on the line


Ali said...

Surely, if thing hits the end-stop, they wont just down tools and walk off. This has to be resolved to everyone's satisfaction, doesn't it ?. If not, please tell me now so I can pursue my delight in harassing your politicians (hey everyone, join in, it's fun !)

brian said...

Hell yeah! Mr. Suh is chopping up USADA with a knife.

Anonymous said...

Sacre bleu! Is LNDD for real? Maybe usada should bring in Inspector Clouseau as a consultant as well, at least he'd be funny! I'll bet all the tennis players at the French Open are glad the testing will be done in Montreal. Too bad for Landis though. Thanks for everything tbv, i think i've been "struck by enlightning."

bannaoj said...

YAY we are getting to the jucy stuff. Your commentary is fabulous and I'm on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next.