Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hearing - Tue: Landis Cross II

Still milling about. The press think this line of questioning would be more relevant to a jury, but aren't sure of the relevance to the arbs. I should probably be in the press room charging the battery.

Lawyers starting to file in, USADA first. Barnett is getting comfortable behind the podium so he can continue his cross. Landis moves back to to the box, and his team moves in.

McLaren first, later Brunet, waiting for Campbell. Landis is looking around, cameras banging; Campbell sits down.

BRUNET: welcome back.


Barnett makes nice to Landis' counsel. He's asking about the black suit again, and Ziegler's article. If Zeigler things that's what he heard, he doesn't know when.

Asking about Bicycling May article/interview. Loren Mooney author, asking about "crazy guy with nothing to lose." Was he quoted correctly? Yes, "You never heard that saying?" Landis asks.

Barnett finds another article to put up -- Ziegler May 14, referring to FFF event event on May 7th, quoting Geoghans "doing what it takes to win."



EX 124. Going through riders with doping issues and Phonak. Hamilton happened between signing and arrival; similar Perez. Nose' (sp) was during his time there; Santi Gonzales - thinks it was hematocrit from internal control. Did other teams have internal controls? Heard some, doesn't know, can only speak to teams he was on. Did Postal? Same sorts of things. Fabrizio Guidi -- did you see him using anything? No. Urweider, positive during Phonak -- didn't see him doing anything. Guiterrez and Botero -- in Puerto? As leader at tour, discussion what they should do. Concluded if there was risk of their involvement, don't bring them to Tour. Has your name come up in Puerto? No.

When training with in Europe, he shares apartment with Zabriskie in Girona. Mostly trains by himself, but sometimes with Zabriskie, occasionally with Hamilton and other Americans who live there. In California, usually trains solo.

With Phonak, traning camps would be once for about 10 days. Then separate ways, together for races.

Shown CN article with Moosburger about patch. He doesn't know him (or her). Joe Papp thought gel helped with recovery. Did he have any belief about that? Had no reason believe one way or another, just rumours. Heard it might help with endurance? Some said they used it and it was helpful.

[ who? ]

GDC 1363, the tour summary test sheet.

If USADA is claiming Jul 23 stage shows use of Exo-T. Is that a hard stage.





Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem very helpful.....all these people that were doping during Floyd's time there.

Laura Challoner, DVM said...

I'm afraid people are/were doping all over the place. But everyone isn't being disciplined, just FL. so the Panel has to figure out if FL doped and really must set whatever anyone else was doing, aside.

Anonymous said...

seems like alot of EPO....no testosterone positives from his team.

Anonymous said...

DPF is broken again, just as I was making a post.

James said...

Well that was nice for the press...but didn't really do anything for the case. I can see how the Floyd haters could begin to draw conclusions that Floyd is evil or surrounded by dopers.

The point is that both sides have put up fairly good arguments. Whatever side of the fence one happens to be on has the greener grass.

I think the key here is the LNDD testimony, errors of omission, shoddy practices and the slew of other things effectively outlined by the the defense team.

This is not a case that can be decided based on someone hurt my feelings or I think someone admitted something to me or any of the other superficial chops at Floyd's character the prosecution has brought up.

There has been a lot of talk about living in the fish bowl for ten months...Floyd and his team have run at the glass and bumped their noses off of it pretty hard and have done quite a bit of damage to the PR side. But thats not what this case is based on. Floyd didn't hire an Ad agency to represent him. He has a team of lawyers and expert witnesses that have formed some pretty solid conclusions that the lab work is highly questionable and doesn't stand up to the level scrutiny required to dole out a sanction.

Unknown said...

Do you have a list of the rebuttal witnesses? Are there any potential rabbits USADA has to pull out at the last moment?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to be addicted to TBV? I think I am. After the trial is over, it's going to take a week to get unhooked. Thanks guys for keeping those of us that cannot get into the on-line press room up to date.

bobble said...

Rhetorical question but anyone feel free to answer if you can.

What athlete would be stupid enough to actually dope with EPO anymore?? It's the most obvious thing to look for by any sanctioning body!

James said...

Is it possible to be addicted to TBV? I think I am.

Yeah it is...I know I've spent more time here reading stuff than I'd like to admit. Hopefully I can use it as a case study to show clients the importance of blogging. Yeah that's it, I've been doing research for my job...

Thanks Dudes.

Anonymous said...

When it's all said and done, the panel will look at the facts surrouding his test results and then decide if there are enough errors in the chain of custody, lab docs, etc. to rule in Floyd's favor or whether there is sufficient evidence that his T/E ratio was higher than 4 to 1 and find him guilty.

Remember all the smoke around Hamilton about a vanishing twin and other excuses he claimed? Yet the panel ruled against him (Cambpell ruling in Hamiliton's favor).

This will be what the closing arguments will be about tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:03 said...
"seems like alot of EPO....no testosterone positives from his team"

The tongue in cheek answer is that their samples weren't tested at LNDD. Can only presume that each country has preferred lab to use.

Urweider was +ve for testosterone.

Here's the rundown:

Hamilton (prior team CSC) +ve for blood doping at Olympics (Greece) and Vuelta (Spain)

Santi Perez (prior team Kelme) +ve for blood transfusion in OOC test (presumed Spain)

Santi Gonzalez (prior team Domina Vacanze but Kelme pre-98) high hematocrit on team screening at a race in France

Fabrizio Guidi (prior team CSC) A sample +ve for undisclosed, B sample -ve (Germany)

Gutierrez (prior team Kelme) implicated in Operacion Puerto

Santiago Botero (prior team T-Mobile but Kelme 2002 and prior) implicated in OP, retired but now back racing in Colombia

Oscar Camenzind (prior team Lampre) +ve for EPO pre-'04 Olympics, didn't contest B, retired

Tomasz Nose (prior team, nonen as full pro) found in possession of doping products at Tour de Georgia (maybe he visited GNC like some Euro pros do when they come over?)

Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the outcome here, it will be interesting to see if WADA changes any of their current policies in response to public viewing of such patently substandard practices. Not all, but some of the problems identified at LNDD might be addressed through process fixes from within WADA. Whether you belive Floyd is innocent or not, it's hard to rest easy knowing that labs seem to willing to pull the wagons around substandard work. Leaks to the press, astronimic differences between rate of positives between labs, refusal of any WADA official to break the vow of loyalty to the empire. Eventually, the wall will come crashing painfully down, whether this time or no . . .

Anonymous said...

Let's remember that the WADA labs tested those other athletes as well. They may not have had the euros to fight the battle. This guilty until proven innocent is backwards. I think all B samples should be tested by a different Lab for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I am also totally addicted to TBV. Please let me know the website for the post arbitration hearing rehab.

Anonymous said...

Whatever is coming Floyd has done his last TDF.

Anonymous said...

A Modest Proposal RE: "Guilty Until Provn Innocent" . . . why not just declare all professional cyclists dopers, and only those who can prove innocence will be able to ride? This would keep all WADA bureaucrats in jobs for eternity, and cycling could claim that they are starting on fresh on angels wings.

Anonymous said...

Anon1:10 - based on what has happened lately in the sport, doing exactly what you suggest might very well result in a false positive rate of only a few percent or so.

Anonymous said...

Don't see the point of this clap trap. It's not even circumstantial evidence, just hearsay. Is this the best USADA can come up with ?

Question for Bill Hue: Will USADA address Dr Meier-Augustein's testimony ?. He basically said that the case against Floyd had no merit. Can this just be ignored ?. Surely someone must address his claims?

Laura Challoner, DVM said...

look for some rebuttal. The names of those witnesses will be revealed at the end of today. Brenna, again, probably plus others.

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten Campbell ruled in favor of Hamilton. With all the new stuff on Hamilton's alleged doping, I wonder how Campbell feels. I wonder if that will make him more likely to rule against Landis. Some people would say he looks something like a sucker for ruling in favor of Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I pity the person who has to face down Dr M-A. At last a scientist with real confidence, knowledge and panache. Just the sort of eccentric you want in a legal trial.