Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hearing - Weds Finger Stretch

When we left last night about 7:45, Team Landis was in their war room pounding away and chatting up a storm. Across the hall, the USADA corridor was dark and silent.

Some of the French-speaking reporters in the press room were afraid they might be called on to translate. When the first interpreter mistranslated "day and half" to an "hour and a half" there were instant and loud groans of, "NO!!!! You Idiot!!!"

Yesterday afternoon, Brenna sat in the back of the seats, pounding away on his laptop, looking unhappy. Later, he was doing the head-nod and jerk that accompanies an effort to fight off sleep.

Even Maurice Suh was seen to yawn, as was Campbell.

In the hallways, Campbell is very, very guarded. He moves like a big cat -- smoothly, relaxed, and with the comfort of immense physical power he need not frequently use.

Arnie Baker walks by in his bouncy, cheerful way, not a care in the world.

How fast would it take Campbell to turn a skinny cyclist like Arnie into a pretzel? It looks like about as long as it would for a lion to take down an impala.

Our friend Burt Friggin' Hoovis, of Doucheblog Cycling, did some digging into Joe Papp, a potential USADA witness. He posts a letter from Papp's attorney saying the proffered testimony has been mischaracterized. As a thank you, we'll post a picture of the french lab tech's arriving this morning to answer the question he asked yesterday.

This morning's cross examination of Mongongu might begin to open the box of truth, and reveal more of what Team Landis has found in their months of digging.

At the end of yesterday, two of the Landis people carried out a long cardboard box, 10" x 10" x 6', that was draped in black cloth. A screen? An exhibit?