Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hearing update

UPDATE: We've heard there will be some internet streaming video, and next-day archives for on-demand viewing of the hearing, details TBD. With a little luck, we'll be able to embed links into our coverage pages.

We've gotten somewhere with accreditation for the Hearing next week at Pepperdine. It appears that the US Olympic Committee, which is paying most of the bills, is handling it. Our requests are in, we'll see what happens. The contact person we have is Peggy Manter, who promises more info is forthcoming.

I'm hoping it means less hassle at the Pepperdine gate, and parking.

More as we know anything else.


swimyouidiot said...

Hey TBV, I think this is new:


Campbell is not happy. Is this what pcrosby was hinting at the other day?


Anonymous said...

This is what Baker told me at the Dallas town hall, in conversation after the meeting. He did not provide specifics other than to say 2 arbitrators had issued a ruling without consulting with the 3rd arbitrator (Campbell).

Very possibly it is what he was hinting about.

I do believe this gives a very clear indication of at least poor decision making and at worst total disregard for fairness, any semblance of ethics and a search for the truth.


swimyouidiot said...

TBV, in your "hearing update" you mentioned the "Pepperdine gate." After reading the NBCSports.com and Hiltzik articles, you might soon have to put those two words together to refer to this whole hearing.

This sucks.


bill hue said...

This is not poor decision making. It is very intentional.

Anonymous said...


That is my perception as well. Just trying to consider all angles.