Monday, May 14, 2007

Hearing - Monday Documents

We've started to get pointers to the documents today. Henson sent their powerpoint, and USOC is going to be putting them up on their pressbox.

We'll collect them and put them into the archive here.

Here are procedural orders, released today:

Order of procedure No 1.pdf

An early case schedule.

Procedural Order No 2.pdf


Procedural Order No 3.pdf

Media Arrangements

Procedural Order No 4.pdf

About testimony, and interpreters.

Procedural Order No 53.pdf

Some technical details.

Here are some interlocutory awards:

Interlocutory Award No 1.pdf

The one we saw before about additional B sample testing

Interlocutory Award No 21.pdf

Actually Award 2. Reconsideration of move to strike. Denied, "reasons to follow"

Interlocutory Award No 31.pdf

Motion for continuance, denied, "reasons to follow"