Monday, May 14, 2007

The Balloon Goes Up

The media room is half empty. Most have gone into the courtroom to watch in person. From the cheap seats, Suh and Jacobs are standing; behind is Michael Henson, Will Geoghegan, Arnie Baker and Brent Kay. No Landis in view. It's quieting down, and everyone is seated.

We're told Maurice is the one who suggested Floyd start appearing clean shaven. With the suits, and no backwards baseball has, his visual transformation is now complete.

A reporter is editing his audio clip of Landis: he's excited, he's got a very good team, and if he gets a fair hearing, he's confident.

At 9:30, we're sitting around, clock ticking. Audio gone; cameras flipping; blue screen.

9:35, panel is sitting down, we have sound, and more camera glipping. Campbell is calm, chin in hand. Brunet and McLaren are fumbling, Brunet opens his fashionable black laptop, moves his microphone again.

9:37. "Good Morning everyone, I'm Richard Brunet..."


Anonymous said...

I'm on the FF site and I can't find the link to the streaming. Can anyone help out?


Jim T said...

I found the link on the site, but I get a 404 not found error when I try to access it. Looks like maybe the video streaming won't be in real time. The page with the link to the video streaming says that video will be available at the end of each day's hearing.

Anonymous said...

Got it. Thanks.


Cheryl from Maryland said...

So until the day's hearing is over, it's up to you, TBV!

Julie said...

You can see it live, go to and login, enter the user name and password, click on USADA v. Floyd Landis.