Thursday, May 10, 2007

Armstrong has his say

After the Landis press conference, where the media unexpectedly leaped on the news about the proffered "deal" to get Armstrong, Lance held his own conference call. ORG, one our our regulars, got to listen in and filed this report as a comment. We post it here for easier accessibility.

Armstrong held an impromptu press conference today AFTER Landis. The audio is on Bloomberg (the closed pay system which I have access to). It is sourced "Capital Sports & Entainment" Maybe they have a public link.

Bill Stapleton (Armstrong's Lawyer) further clarified that Tygart offered Landis a ONE-MONTH SANCTION if he turned in Armstrong. Armstrong was very critical of the "1/24" penalty offer. He thought it was a bad idea for anyone to be able to offer that.


Lance ripped USADA and said their is nothing to find. He called the affair "absurd"

He reiterated he has never taken PEDs. He also realizes these allegations will never go away again.

He does not blame Landis for talking about the deal rather he blames USADA. He said it is the first he ever heard of a deal to turn him in but has heard of similar deals (in Track & Field according to Armstrong).

He called the charges against Landis "ridiculous."

He was asked if the Landis offer is the beginning and whether the OP names will be offered the same deal (a month to turn in Lance). He expressed confidence that nothing could harm him.

He also said he moved-on with his life. He no longer a competitive athlete that is in his past. He wishes they (WADA/USADA) would let it go.

He called on USADA to go on the record and explain themselves about this deal.

He said he has a fair and good relationship with Travis Tygart and it surprises him that Travis would be behind it. Lance said he would NOT be surprised if Terry Madden was behind it (outgoing USADA head, to be replaced by Tygart).

Lastly, the press people said Tygart will not comment unless Landis releases him from the gag rule. Tygart will only accept a release on the entire case (so he can talk about anything he wants), not the Armstrong deal.

The tele-conference ran about 15 minutes. Bonnie from ESPN, a Bloomberg reporter and four or five others were on the call.

Thanks ORG.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion USADA is a waste of tax payers money.