Thursday, October 30, 2008

Irregular Report 35

Happy Halloween!!

Here and There
The CyclingNews reports that the Floyd Landis to HealthNet deal is "done" with HealthNet as sponsor being replaced by OUCH Sports Medical Center which was co-founded by Landis friend and physician Dr. Brent Kay:

After a lot of speculation, the replacement for Health Net as title sponsor of the five-time top NRC men's team is now official – OUCH Sports Medical Center, based in Temecula, California, will take over the sponsorship of the team run my Momentum Sports Group, to be officially named OUCH presented by Maxxis. As well, it is confirmed that Floyd Landis will join the team following the end of his suspension in January of 2009.

Pommi makes note of the news that Floyd Landis will join the Ouch Sports Medical Center cycling team when his suspension ends in January.

Euro Peloton suggests that Floyd Landis might face some harsh crticism when he returns to competition, but concedes that Landis has every right to come back if he so chooses.

Rant also covers the news that Floyd Landis' comeback is somewhat more certain, though Rant wonders about the status of Landis' lawsuit and the CAS imposed $100,000 fine.

Cycling Examiner has the Landis to the OUCH presented by Maxxis team story as well.

Potholes and Roadapples, a blog which is written in Lancaster, PA near Floyd Landis' hometown, also talks about Floyd's new OUCH team.


TiGirl said...

Yea!!!! I can't wait to be screaming "ouch" at the TV when I see Floyd race again!!!!!

wschart said...

There's still the matter of the $100K "fine" to be resolved.

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


(Boy, is that ever gonna be hard to say with a straight face...)

Go get `em Mistah Floyd!

strbuk said...

I thought the same thing Rant, and Floyd good luck, go get 'em...


Unknown said...

Congrats Floyd!
I'll be psyched to watch Ouch race.
I'm guessing there is a contingency planned regardles of how the move to vacate goes.
Let's hope (but pehaps not expect) it to go well. I have to hope kharma will seek so sort of equalibrium and it will go well for Floyd. He is deserving of something good happening.

Mike Solberg said...

What is OUCH's status? Is this a U.S. only team? Or will he ride in Europe and elsewhere? (presuming the fine is settled somehow)

And what kind of shape is he in? (or, thanks to TBV's kindness)


whareagle said...

Floyd, keep your chin UP, and your chest OUT, and your back FLAT. You'll be shredding them in no time.