Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Irregular Report 33

Here and There
Rant discusses the concept that looking too much to the past is futile with a post about Pat McQuaid's surprisingly intelligent stance on "post testing":

“From the UCI’s point of view, we prefer to look forward rather than look backward,” McQuaid said in an interview with The Associated Press. “To randomly say ‘OK, let’s take all the samples from 2007 from the Tour de France and put them all through testing processes’ … it’s futile, it’s expensive and it’s not going to serve the purpose in the anti-doping fight of today.”

McQuaid wonders if every podium result from the past two years or so would be scrambled and feels retesting of "old" samples for new PEDs would serve no purpose. Tell that to L'Equipe.

Liz is working on three essays for next week's classes, one of which is about Floyd Landis in 2006 and the nostalgic permanence of "road writing."

Bike Snob NYC lumps Floyd Landis in with other "cycling Casanovas". This is based on a resemblance in a photoshopped pic from a site that is "NSFW", as they say.

Bicycle Soup wonders at the possible comebacks to the peloton we might see this coming year. Landis vs Armstrong in a cage match? Hmmm...

Racejunkie notes Ivan Basso's ascension to "sainthood" plus some "eye candy" to boot. And who says Lance is scared?

Scotland on Sunday reviews the possible testosterone case of Rugby player Iain Morrison, with reference to Landis' case, reflecting the modestly informed MSM view of the world. It speaks of longitudinal testing and how difficult it is to prove a negative.


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