Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Irregular Report 32

Happy Birthday Floyd, have a great day, the brownies are in the mail!!

Here and There

Rant notes the latest doping "positive" to come from tdf retesting now taking place at the AFLD lab. He wonders if this is an "official" conclusive "A" sample, or what. Good thing the "retroactive" testing from Beijing has an end date, eight years.

Later, Rant writes about "owning up" something not really so easy to do.

Racejunkie also writes about the positive CERA tested Bernhard Kohl this time from the veiwpoint of poor ol' Cadel Evans.

Triathlete 4Life promises more to come about a Floyd Landis visit to Bikemart, which is good since that's all there was.

The NY Times has a profile of Dave Wiens, the Leadville winning "giant killer" of Lance and Landis.

The CyclingNews writes that the UCI will as of next year double its bans for doping offenses up from 2 to 4 years. In other news: Michael Rasmussen will have his day before the CAS, Bernhard Kohl demands his "B" samples be tested, and the "retesting" of this year's TdF samples for CERA is over, for now anyay.

Michael Gacki
met Floyd Landis yesterday somewhere in Texas and thought he was a very "cool dude".

Speedy Speed Racer riffs about training, volume, rest and hurt, and references Positively False in the process.


whareagle said...

Geez, Floyd, you didn't even call or e-mail me to tell me you were coming in to town?


Ali said...

Floyd, if it's your b'day, then I can only jump on the bandwagon and wish you all the best for the new year (oops, maybe wrong celebration there, but you know what I mean).

Good luck.

apoch said...


Kohl admits to doping.

Unknown said...

Good to hear their labwork is apparently getting more accurate, or they're getting luckier throwing darts.

Regardless of the correctness of their recent results, it is, and was, totally incorrect for the results of the A-Samples to be released and reported by L'Equipe.

If they can't be trusted with the small things.....

Ron said...

Did anyone catch French newspaper Depeche du Midi lumping Floyd and Lance into their team of shame?

The original article is here (you'll have to use Google's translate function to read it.

Cub said...

"the brownies are in the mail!!"

They better be. It's not cool to kid about that sort of thing.